Kirsten Joy Weiss Joy Of Shooting Calendar

A year of Kirsten:

You can grab Kirsten’s calendar and other merch over at her website if you’re interested.  Her new logo is pretty cool, very wearable.

A dude “Eric K” really tried to tell me on the HotShots calendar post, that he online knew (e-knew?) Kirsten BEFORE I did… I would NOT stand for that obviously 😂, so I asked him for receipts. He said he first became aware of her when she dropped the motorcycle trickshot video… in other words I won and the internet is back in balance.

I hope some year Kirsten puts the MLK at the window with the m1 carbine ‘shop I did of her as a bonus centerfold in her calendar.

Thoughts? . Oh wow just as I was about to close this post out I thought “I wonder if the vid has any comments?” … well fellas, it does… *sigh* it definitely has some comments.  Dudes are so funny.  The joke will be on us though when Kirsten releases an “engagement story” video someday and casually mentions she met the dude she’s marrying through his “you have sparkling eyes, and are adorable” comment.  Shoot your shot kings.



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