Sul Sling For Defending The Flock

The XD guys are at it again:

That thing is called the “Sul Sling”.Ā  If you’re unsure what it does or how it works, I literally couldn’t make this up… this is pasted directly from their website:

The SULĀ® SlingĀ offers unsurpassed comfort and versatility for maintaining quick hands free positive weapons retention for any full framed or smaller side arm.

Tactical readiness while behind the wheel of a vehicle is now faster than ever before. The patent pendingĀ SULĀ® Sling and SULĀ® Stick afford a level of rapid weapon deployment unavailableĀ until now. Utilizing a patent pending system of rare earth magnets the SULĀ® Stick holds any standard size frame sidearm in SUL while in a vulnerable seated position. The SULĀ® Sling is capable of 40 pounds of perpendicular hold making it the most versatile weapons retention device ever created.

Utilizing NanoSphereĀ®technology, theĀ SULĀ® Sling is impervious to water, mud, UV rays, dirt, metal filings and virtually anything thrown at it.

AllĀ SULĀ® branded products are designed to keep you Ready In PositionĀ®. When seconds count, seconds count. Nothing affords a faster draw in a vehicle under an ambush than theĀ SULĀ® Sling.


Ok thenšŸ˜† … One of my pet peeves is when people use Ā® when in fact they should be using TM.Ā  Yea I get it, you’re probably trying to impress someone… but when a guy like me that isn’t an idiot looks the wordmark up and sees that you indeed do not have a registered trademark, then it’s just one more thing I add to the derp list.Ā  At least it’s not quite the egregious VODA use of the sacred Ā®… this SUL guy does have an application in, which is “almost” approved at the moment (US Serial number 88625320).

I can’t stress enough, how much you should buy two of these (because two is one and one is none) and defend the flock.Ā  They are on sale right now for a meager $75, down from the usual $90 on the Sul Tactical website. This is the future of carrying a gun… these guys are obviously living in 2092.

On a related note, it took about 12hours but these guys blocked me from seeing their page on Instagram. That’s such a 2008 thing to do, but to each their own. You guys might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t happen much at all anymore. Typically even the guys / companies I roast the most end up thanking me because a) they have a sense of humor about themselves, and b) the post made them money.





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