Colion Noir Podcast

My dude has a podcast now:

There are only the two episodes at the moment.  The one above is the 2nd episode… the first one is about the gun law mess going on right now in Canada.  I haven’t listened to that episode yet, but this Garand Thumb one is great.  I knew the production value, and interview itself would be high quality, but I actually didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.  I typically only listen to podcasts about business, fashion, and SAAS, sprinkled with some true crime… the couple gun related podcast I tried out in the past weren’t my cup of tea.  This particular episode was a lot more like the business podcasts I enjoy.

I can’t believe all the bullshit Noir puts up with online, and also in person when he appears on TV.  I really hope it pays well, because it looks like it would be INCREDIBLY exhausting.

Seeing as it’s an election year, I’m sure over the next handful of months the anti-gun cringe is going to steadily increase.  Drop in the bucket though, along with all the other cringe topics they will beat to death and yell at each other over.

If you want to subscribe to his podcast, he has it up on all the major platforms.  I really don’t know why anyone uses anything other than Spotify.  Apple Podcasts is painful to use.





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