Tacticool Girlfriend With The Tactical Girlfriend Experience

Masked up, and delivering content.  The basics of firearm safety:

She has a handful of other videos if you check out her channel.  Topics right now range from dry fire to first aid kits… and buying a firearm.

I’m not sure if the mask thing is for Covid, or if it’s going to be an ongoing “bit” someday once this is over just to throw a curveball at the tactibois so she’s not easily recognized out in public.  Probably a smart move.  Ryan, the guy who sent this to me speculated that it might be Fate of Destinee with a rebrand.  We haven’t seen a video from Destinee in 3+ years now… but I don’t think the voice is the same.  Either way, I hope Destinee is doing well.  When I entered her name into YouTube’s search bar, the two suggestions following it were “health issues” and “dead” 😬.  Not ideal… I know we all strive for more baller / positive suggestions than that. I’d like mine to be “billionaire” and “Paris loft AD photos” haha, AD being Architectural Digest.

Anyways, back to Tacticool Girlfriend.  I’m liking the aesthetic, and I hope she keeps it up.

Gat tip: Thornyshire



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