Print Shoot Repeat – 3d Printing Guns

New to 3d printed gun YouTube.  STRONG right out of the gate:

More trials and tribulations with the 3d printed VZ 61:

The channel is Print Shoot Repeat.  The production quality is high, editing is on point, and the music is great.  Such a good brand name too.  Printing VZ 61 as one of his first prints is such a flex.  I watched the parts kit unboxing video too.  I bet the parts industry is lucrative as hell right now, hopefully there is enough supply for years to fill all the demand.

Another thing that I find really cool about the 3d printing community is that everyone seems to be really positive and helpful in the comments everywhere.  Someday if I have an extra room with good ventilation I definitely want to get a 3d printer.  Call me paranoid, but I’m super afraid of the (harmful?) off-gassing when printing indoors.




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