Sheepdog Fan Fiction – 40

I wrote another sheepdog vignette (sorry, not sorry 😂):

Andrew downshifted, leaned forward, then revved the Honda CBR; blowing past the Rite Aid through the stale amber light at the intersection. Another day, another car full of leftists he thought to himself as he shook his head, glancing in the rear view mirror to see the silver Prius full of girls in their 20s stopped at the now-red light. “Got that drink to give your fat ass the energy to shoot someone?” , “Is that gun to protect your feelings from people making fun of your dumb helmet?”, “Don’t shoot! hahah” they taunted seconds earlier. This beautiful day off work was NOT going to be the day he would succumb to either second amendment or fat shaming. With the open Pacific Coast Highway in front of him, Andrew pulled the clutch, changed gears then leaned back, taking his hand off the left grip to touch his holstered M&P, making sure it was still seated in the kydex. Out of habit, he then reached to his lower back.. Yep, no surprise the retention on the ass-crack Monster was solid as usual. Adjusting to a more relaxed position, placing his hand on his left thigh, he cruised along.. looking out at the open ocean. Another 10 minutes or so to the parking lot at the lookout point, and he would be able to sip the tepid energy drink, resume the 4.5 hour Joe Rogan podcast episode he was working on, all while watching girls surf. “This is living, man…” he mumbled through his joker face print bandana into the wind, and smiled.

Pic from: applcobbler





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