Smith And Wesson Holds A Virtual Event

0:02 – Holy, this sounds like it’s going to be boring.

0:12 – Ok ok.. some decent “making of” footage so far.  I’m here for it.

0:27 – Damn, I thought the lobby would be more flexy.  Looks like a Holiday Inn Express.

0:33 – Smith really CLOMPING down those stairs.  Catching the cool breeze in the room across his fresh fade.

1:13 – They are really working on minting a bunch of new M&P Bois I see.

1:26 – Wtf is a “HYDROXYL GENERATOR”?  Edit: “hydroxyl generators are used to eliminate odors and break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments”.  I’ll have to look more into that.. sounds a bit snake oil to me.

1:38 – The man said they are working on manufacturing and delivering more pistols, revolvers and rifles today than ANY TIME in their 169 year history.

2:13 – Talk about revealing an “exciting new product”

2:26 – Hell yea, Julie Golob is a queen.

3:23 – The GunSmarts thing sounds really solid.

4:57 – Here we go… a promo video.  These are always fun.

7:29 – It was one of those connect with people through shared experiences and hope type vids.  Predictable, but they did a nice job on it.  I’m always hoping the promo videos will have some random dude who just left a coffee job john-wicking some gang members that try to rob him.  I guess I’ll have to keep waiting and hoping.

7:53 – Since 1852.  That’s definitely impressive.  No disputing that.   Daaaaaaamn Daniel with the epic beard.

11:04 – The new product reveal is the M&P Shield Plus.  Promo vid time.  Good changes I suppose.  I’m really glad I’m not in the review business… my reviews would literally be like 10 seconds long.  I don’t know how some of those YouTubers do it.

14:04 – Man, that is a LOT of text on the slide.  “M&P 9 SHIELD PLUS PERFORMANCE CENTER” then the logo.

I wonder why they choose to use the cringy smith-wesson rather than smithandwesson ?  Neither is great honestly, but the hyphen is deadass the most cringe thing ever.  With all the money they have they should definitely buy SW(.)com off whoever owns it.




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