Wolf Game For NFT Sheepdogs

Sheephitters are probably all over this:

I’m not at all involved in NFTs, but Wolf Game is an interesting concept.  At the time of writing this on Nov 21 at 6:51pm, the wolf game floor price is 4 eth ($16772 USD)… wow. Don’t take anything I’m saying as investment advice, because I’m not giving any advice. The fact that in this case too your NFT can be kidnapped (taken away from you), it’s really even more like gambling.

I definitely find digital ownership of a jpg makes a lot more sense when there are benefits attached to it.  Love him or hate him, Gary Vaynerchuck at least linked his absolutely atrocious looking NFT project to his community + 3 years worth of access to a conference he runs.  The current floor price for a VeeFriends is 8.95 eth ($37528 USD).

Don’t even get me started how I found out about Bored Ape Yacht Club when the price was around 1 eth (which back then was equivalent to about $2000).  I wasn’t impressed with the art, or the concept of paying actual money for something I could get for free by right clicking “Save Image As..” so naturally I passed.  Today, less than 6 months later the floor price is 42 eth ($176 111 USD).

A evergreen NFT meme:




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