Heizer Defense Pocket AK-47 PAK1 Gets Absolutely Roasted

Initially I assumed this was a sponsored video from Brandon.  😂  a couple minutes in, and I’m 100% sure it’s not:

Oh lawd Heizer Defense… I realize this is totally a “because we could” type gun.. but yea 7.62x39mm out of a barrel that’s not even a few inches long just screams pointless.

1:20 – Yikes.. having to pull the trigger a handful of times before it actually fired is not ideal.

1:24 – Not being able to open it up by hand, so he resorts to hitting the slide with a hammer gets awarded one more “yike” from me.  I’ll throw in a bonus yike for having to ram out the spent casing.

2:44 – Brandon calls out the weird blade bois during the knife sponsored segment.

4:50 – ahaha the go/ no go / field gauge shenanigans had me rolling.

6:28 – This gun just keeps getting worse and worse.

9:18 – Oh wow, it fired on the first trigger pull.  Too bad he couldn’t open it.

The Heizer logo just screams “lower back tattoo”.  It’s definitely one of my litmus tests for evaluating a logo.  If I see lower back tattoo potential, then it goes in the bad pile.  I’m not talking bad meaning good either… I’m talking bad meaning BAD.

Heizer.. Scheisse 😏.  Any thoughts fellas?



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