B.A.D. Lever Negligent Discharge

Full potato on this clip:

There was a period of time a bunch of years back, when cool guys NEEDED a bad lever on their rifle.  I don’t really hear all that much about them any more, but I’m sure they’re still very popular.   If you can’t tell what’s going on in the video, he hits the lever then proceeds to pull the trigger when the gun is at like a 45 degree angle 😬😫.  Obviously not the fault of the B.A.D. lever at all, but probably wouldn’t have happened if he would have hit the bolt release or pulled the charging handle like you normally would have to.

Vigilant Spectre weighs in:

1:51 – I have to timestamp this so you guys make sure to pay attention. Very nice words were spoken about this blog and the content, which made my day.  Him and his crew really did make so many appearances on here back in the day haha, I’m surprised he even talks to me tbh.  He obviously has a sense of humor though, and realizes it was all in good fun.  Now he’s a famous gun YouTuber with 282,000+ subs, and lots of advertisers.

His original video from back in January where he bashes it in great detail for 14 minutes and prophecises the ND shown at the top of the post haha:

Thoughts?  You running a B.A.D. lever on any of your ARs?  I never got into that, mainly because I’m obsessed with minimal setups and not interested in fixing things that already work.



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