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This is a marketing video I guess?  These guys want respect because they are adults: This video is flat out retarded, and it trolled me hard I’ll admit.  10/10 would get trolled by again. Consider my jimmies rustled.  Consider the answer to “u mad bro?” as YES.. YES I’m MAD. :P I’d quote some timestamps […]

Magnet on the long piece of wood = success. LOL so nasty though ugh 😂. I could basically smell that through the screen. Every time I have to use a portapotty at the start of a hike etc I’m always just like *sigh* here we go. The backstory of what happened according to the description: […]

hahah this on Armslist: I cwalked all the way to the cank, cut then the seller mysteriously deactivated the listing.  It was funny that he also found the facecook post I made, and commented on it: haha thoughts? :P Gat tip: @in_war.victory

haha Armslist trying to hurt butts and make people mad again: I already have two Glock 17s, but I’ve had my eye on a SodaStream for a long time since I drink a ton of canned club soda and LaCroix.  The thing is though, I’m not down with purchasing a ton of expensive mini O2 […]

My dudes at Armslist knows how to do it: Good information.  Man that game has good graphics. 10:00 – HHAHHA burn on us. :///// Armslist got jokes LOL.

An actual current listing on Armslist: Here’s a link to the auction – $500 out of Bozeman MT.  It’s so much more fun when someone makes up an awesome description like this one. Oh and for kicks I searched my ENDO Tactical adapter, and see that someone is selling their whole setup with the KAK shockwave brace. […]