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Oh look, they “sponsored” an NRA commercial: I’m not even sure what “sponsoring” an NRA commercial entails.  Maybe you tell the NRA you’re going to make a commercial, and then they review the message of it and allow you to put their logo on it?  Who knows… either way I don’t really care.  They already […]

Fuck Cheaper Than Dirt for thinking this would work: Full Press Release – SAF *gasp* On Valentine’s Day too  >.< Yeah $100k is a great amount to donate and everything *slow clap* but if I was running the Second Amendment Foundation I would have wiped my ass with that check and posted a pic on facebook […]

An FXhummel1 short about price gouging and knee jerk responses: If DICK’s had any balls, semi-autos would be on their walls. I LOL’d when he said that. FXHummel is wearing the pictogram selector switch t-shirt… one of my personal favorites. Thoughts?

Well well look who pissed off their entire customer base, then tried to take it back: Too Late! I’m sure just like the Recoil MP7 incident, people will forget really fast this happened, and new people getting into shooting will not know any better… but I hope not. I actually now regret not planning to […]

Yea I get it.. supply and demand, but when you double to triple the price of things like magazines, people are going to get pissed off.  I’m not linking there, you can google it if you care. When they pulled the same shit in 2008 before Obama was elected for the first time, I said […]

Scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt strikes again: *slow clap*  Ladies and gentlemen, the new low.  For those that don’t know, these normally retail for no more than $10 each. Thoughts?