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Aaron Cohen is a living and breathing meme, and looks like he trained Keanu: Keanu is the man.  Everything I’ve ever heard about that guy has been positive.  Aaron Cohen AKA “Cherries” on the other hand and I have a history.  A history of me thinking a lot of his stuff was ridiculously derpy, and […]

ROFL I’M DYING – “Dry-Fire Academy”.  I can’t even make shit this good up.  Here’s a recent report: Now if you’re not familiar with “Cherries”, I should refresh your memory.  This guy’s Israeli operator TIER level is so low it has to be expressed in scientific notation.  As usual with many low tier operators, they […]

5.11 did a video which contained no new info we didn’t already know, but I liked the bastardized dubstep music and seeing Taran Butler operate at extremely high speeds: 0:25 – Does Taran have any sponsors?  I can’t tell. haha man this is another ultra-cringe thing that makes me laugh.  Pays the bills though I […]

Yea basically.  There hasn’t been any drama I’ve been directly a part of in the last few weeks.   The last one I really though was priceless was the Cherries Apparel drama, which I’m still not convinced isn’t actually just a parody of everything hilarious rolled into one “Operator-type” character.  You’ll notice all the videos […]

Oh wow: This shirt is $70, and you should definitely buy it if you like the idea. You might recognize Aaron Cohen from a post I did yesterday on his TIER 1 Israeli training (which is evidently far too advanced for most of us to understand).  Aaron is so TIER AF, he actually posted this in […]

Israeli SF (Duvdevan) TIER 1 operator Aaron Cohen: haha is this guy for real?  It appears so. Those videos… too TIER for me.  I’d tap out and drink Capri Sun and eat falafel on the sidelines.  Maybe I’ll have to Take Aaron’s “Advanced Shuffle” course first, then I could hang. I’m fully convinced anyone at […]