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A troll legend.  This time he pees on his AE DE .50 for content: hahah man.. say what you will about Cokeman, but his channel is so pure.  You know damn well he only does it for sport because it’s not like he’s making a penny off YouTube or any type of sponsorship. Thoughts?

The most honest reviews in the firearms industry: Some real solid gold hottakes contained within haha. Thoughts?

Cokeman keeps it mad real: It’s no secret that I’ve always liked cokeman.  I think he’s an asset to the online gun community, and I know that’s not the popular opinion.  I really enjoy his delivery as well, because it’s real.  He’s not trying to get “youtube ad money”, get free shit, make friends etc… […]

LOL this guy is straight savage right off the hop: I really expected nothing less from Cokeman.  He’s one of the few guys you know will provide an honest no-holds-barred review. I can’t say I disagree with him.  I would have thought a “new generation” would have elicited more radical changes.  It’s puzzling why they […]

This: I need to hire Cokeman.  I feel like he would need a full time handler though, who would just let him off the chain in front of the camera for a bit just to drop some pure gold like this.  Cokeman is such a god tier troll, I love it. On a related not, […]

Our favorite ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment are at it again: Oh man.  All of cokeman’s videos remind me of something you’d see clips of in a documentary, CNN, or Nancy Grace followed by her shrill voice talking shit about guns and gun owners. 3:33 – This guy is good at bump firing, I’ll give him […]