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Cokeman keeps it mad real: It’s no secret that I’ve always liked cokeman.  I think he’s an asset to the online gun community, and I know that’s not the popular opinion.  I really enjoy his delivery as well, because it’s real.  He’s not trying to get “youtube ad money”, get free shit, make friends etc… […]

LOL this guy is straight savage right off the hop: I really expected nothing less from Cokeman.  He’s one of the few guys you know will provide an honest no-holds-barred review. I can’t say I disagree with him.  I would have thought a “new generation” would have elicited more radical changes.  It’s puzzling why they […]

This: I need to hire Cokeman.  I feel like he would need a full time handler though, who would just let him off the chain in front of the camera for a bit just to drop some pure gold like this.  Cokeman is such a god tier troll, I love it. On a related not, […]

Our favorite ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment are at it again: Oh man.  All of cokeman’s videos remind me of something you’d see clips of in a documentary, CNN, or Nancy Grace followed by her shrill voice talking shit about guns and gun owners. 3:33 – This guy is good at bump firing, I’ll give him […]

You can hate these guys all you want, but they are like no other: LOL even the video title “It’s So Private It’s Genital” when referring to how private their shooting range is… genius. Man those guys must have an ammo manufacture sponsor.  I’ve never seen anyone cumulatively waste so much ammo on such useless shit. 4:57 […]

He does his trademarked bumpfire: Result: it works. I’m actually surprised he didn’t spring the for Surefire 100 Round Magazine instead.  It would be more conducive to his bumpfire lifestyle.  Maybe it’s not out yet though? I know a lot of you hate when I post cokeman’s videos, cause it “gives the antis fuel” or something like […]