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On twitter referring to how we often tear him a new one when it comes to the details in his videos: Reading through the comments on posts of our vids from this gun blog – these gun guys are so hardcore about gunz — Freddie Wong (@fwong) November 8, 2012 Sure I’ve wrote some […]

I had high hopes for this video: At least they had brass ejecting from the hitman’s guns.  I don’t recall very many of their videos having that. Freddiew is still on a streak of mediocrity as far as I’m concerned.  We discussed this before, but it’s almost like he has to make the videos now… […]

Freddiew trolls us: He had to have known that was backwards.  I mean the brightness controls / on switch are all on the back, why would you face it forward?  At least with some of those other red dot optics everything is on top so it’s easier to make the mistake. It’s established that those […]

Seriously… don’t mess with it: One of the more entertaining videos they have done lately.  I know these are supposed to be short… but seriously we need some longer stuff Freddie.   I believe their full length film “Video Game High School” should have been out by now from what they said in their updates. […]

Because these guys are known for their airsoft / VFX wizardry, people wonder; can they actually shoot well with real guns? The answer is yes… they all do very well at that distance.  That range looks extremely short.  I’m not the best at estimating distances in video, but the targets look like they are around 5 […]

I hope EA didn’t pay too much for this: My first reaction was “meh, that’s it?”.  Did you hardcore gamers think it was cool? Hat tip: Jusuchin (Military Otaku)