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Another in a long unimpressive line of Somebody Picked The Wrong ____ commercials: Here’s an extended version which makes a bit more sense: What’s with the audio not matching up with the lips?  I’m pretty sure it’s not lag either, they don’t seem to be saying the same thing at all. That’s definitely R. Lee […]

These Glock commercials are getting worse: I’m not old, so I am not 100% sure… but was Gunny supposed to be Humphrey Bogart?  Regardless, it was really bad. It’s like they do these commercials now only for the sake of doing them.  Just because you’re selling handguns, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the commercials interesting. Thoughts?

Oh Glock… Ok here we go, I’m going to break down the video: 0:02 – Guy in a white utility van in a black winter hat stroking his goatee and creepin on a girl going into her house.  This is already bad news because as far as I’m only rapists and plumbers own vans like […]

Not a bad commercial for the most part I suppose: S&W does a nice job with the POVs.  Disappointing that 2/3 actors are blatantly shown packing up empty guns… I don’t see the point. Wait for it….. wait for it…. 0:27 – “Confidence?  We perfected that years ago.” (Glock Source) My reaction: Thoughts? Are you messing with […]

A very cliche commercial from Glock: I’ve poked fun at their other commercials in the past.  Visually they are always really well put together, but they always have that fake / forced feeling to me.  This one for instance… the “all walks of life” type message was just overbearing.  Yea I get it.. you can be a […]

Commercial: Behind The Scenes: I don’t know why we needed an EXTENDED CUT (shown above) so bad… when the original commercial from April was basically the same thing.  I’ll admit, I have a bit more respect for the commercial now that I see they needed to nail that last part in one smooth take.  The guy-worried-about-efficiency […]