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These look interesting: From a company named TAT3D.  Unsurprisingly priced at the higher end.  The “sYsTEmS” range from around $200 – $550 depending on the options. As you can imagine I’m very far behind on the vids of basically everyone I follow.  When I was going through them today it’s really clear who really isn’t […]

How he became an operator: Interesting how he’s talking about the past now.  He was very tightlipped at the beginning when he first started becoming YouTube famous.  Got the people talking though, so I suppose it worked. I was hoping I’d at least get to see one piece of rare Stone Island (one of my […]

Complicated, but not as extra as he used to be: I still wish he’d throw it back to the old days when he suffocation drills and froze his hands in ice water.  Heck I’d even like to see him bring the tights and parachute back; that was good for some LOLs. Thoughts?

Stuntin on us: When I saw “freestyle” in the title I was really hoping he was going to drop a verse 🎤. That might be old footage, I’m not sure.  Zero kind of fell off the map as far as YouTube goes.  My guess it’s because he seemingly does a lot of training now worldwide.  […]

All his videos are now like this: I’m guessing those blow up pads come with the purchase of 1lb of fittea.  The re-purposing as an unstable shooting platform is something he’s done in the past, but it surprises me every time. I have no idea why this video or the X-Files background music was necessary… […]

Come thru. Oakleys, mullet, and Bravo Concealment on deck fam: Just a chill 16 minutes worth of questions at some random bus station somewhere.  Seems like a smart / hard working guy.  Sure a lot of the videos he puts out now are just ridiculous and provide no real value, but they are fun to […]