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5.11 did a video which contained no new info we didn’t already know, but I liked the bastardized dubstep music and seeing Taran Butler operate at extremely high speeds: 0:25 – Does Taran have any sponsors?  I can’t tell. haha man this is another ultra-cringe thing that makes me laugh.  Pays the bills though I […]

Aaron Cohen is a living and breathing meme, and looks like he trained Keanu: Keanu is the man.  Everything I’ve ever heard about that guy has been positive.  Aaron Cohen AKA “Cherries” on the other hand and I have a history.  A history of me thinking a lot of his stuff was ridiculously derpy, and […]

Over at Taran Tactical: Wow, she’s really good!  I like how they don’t mess around in those John Wick movies.  Keanu works really hard training for those movies too, as we’ve seen numerous times. Thoughts?  The movie comes out in theaters today, are you guys going to see it?

Because my life is F A S H I O N adjacent, you guys need to see this: JAWN WICK himself for Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2019.  The full story over on GQ. I want to see Taran Butler in a full Saint Laurent fit.  Actually, I don’t… scratch that. I don’t wear Saint Laurent, partially […]

Look good as usual: Unsurprisingly the formula seems to be the same as John Wick 1 and 2.  Should be entertaining as usual, because Keanu is a badass and the locations are always top knotch.  Parabellum has a such a nice ring to it, I’m surprised no one else has used that word recently for […]

Keanu is good in every 2nd Amendment hood: Good in every equestrian hood now too?  It appears so.  I can’t wait until the unreleased Taran Tactical footage of this training surfaces. It’s respectable that he does his own stunts.  I’ve seen that Tom Cruise does too.  I can’t say that if I was that famous […]