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Holy: LAV really gets it done.  This is breathtaking.  As usual the sound and video are both on point.  Wow the color coded internals, and the opacity fades in and out of phenomenal. 3:05 – That Larry cheek sweat tho.  haha 3:42 – This pause for effect was such a tease.  I even moved my […]

HOLY.  LARRY DOES IT: Holy he really delivered on this one.  The video is on point of course, but even the sound is INSANE! Try and tell me the name of someone whose production value comes anywhere close to this guy’s.

What a time to be alive.  This is absolutely incredible: Larry Vuitton is killing it with the slow motion.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… hands down the GOAT in this industry, and probably across other industries too from what I’ve seen on YouTube.  I actually had a big grin on my […]

Nice gun, nice footage: Incredible.  We can always count on The LAV for some solid footage.  The audio is nuts too… my sub was pounding. Oh and in other Larry Vuitton news… one of the models I follow on instagram (Jessa Hinton) casually dropped his name along with SMGlee because she was out shooting with […]

Nice looking rifle, but look at that tumble 0:28: You guys commented on the bullet tumble in a previous video Larry Fieri put out, and frankly I figured once more people pointed that out the video would disappear and get re-edited and re-uploaded.  Well that didn’t happen and they obviously don’t care because they used the […]

HK autos will never get old to me, and neither will seeing a watermelon explode: Wooooooooo!  Nice.. I like the Larry Vuitton style slow motion angles and sound effects. I just love the way the UMP looks, side folding stock and all.  Definitely on the short list of AUTO ownership goals. Matt is wearing the […]