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The inventor Peter Alaric answers some questions about his MuzzleSafe device for 20 minutes: I was initially confused why the video thumbnail screenshot is Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), but he touches on it later in the video when talking about “technophobia”, meaning people not liking the technological advancement his device brings. This all seems kind […]

This man and his not-so-smart smart gun: Ugh right… a proximity sensor. Painful.  Why does this exist?  If you remember my first post about Muzzlesafe back in March, not much has changed.  If you’re not familiar you can catch up on that post, and on the Muzzlesafe website. If you’re having that much of an issue […]

Comedy: From the description: MuzzleSafe™ is a new firearm safety technology that makes it virtually impossible to shoot yourself or anyone close to you (where most accidents happen). It’s designed for target shooting, training, competition, etc.; NOT FOR SELF-DEFENSE! If the government ever makes this technology mandatory, I will teach free workshops on how to […]

Calm down lads, this is only a joke: This was hard to watch with volume on.  I was bracing for more f-words.  It’s like he wanted to test out a new “bad boy” image.  I had to check the chan name after the vid started because I was like “Wait a minute, wasn’t this the […]