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Taking it back to the Corridor Digital and GunVSgun days: Good stuff haha.  If you check out the NERF search term on here, you’ll see pages and pages of similar vids.  It’s a sub-genre I personally enjoy from time to time. Thoughts?

haha innnnnnnteresting: I love how he designed the whole thing in Fusion360, and 3d printed everything.  It actually ended up being quite a bit more complex than I initially thought it was going to be 😂, and also way less portable – like a NERF BFG. All in all this video was very anti-climatic, but […]

Sure why not: What can I say fellas, it’s “content”.  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be actually. Thoughts?

Important to the culture: haha not bad, not bad.  At 16minutes this was definitely longer than it needed to be, but still entertaining because of his commentary. The guy doing the video is Hickok45’s son. Thoughts?

hahahah this would really go over well at your next NERF game: *shrug* why not? amirite fellas? NERF has sure come a long way in last couple decades.

This guy does it: Approximately MACH 2.351 LOL.  Lets hope he doesn’t shoot it at a person, because all the anti-gun groups will be calling to ban toys. Thoughts?