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Everyone wants on that “Area 51 raid” bandwagon: Anything to clean stupidity out of the gene pool out a bit is a good thing in my opinion.  So far I’ve seen a few dozen decent memes on the topic.  It’s one of those things where someone just goes into there “templates” folder, and fills the […]

haha this is something new: Good stuff.  I’m sure you can find the Noveske9 on the Noveske website if you’re interested. Some genius commented “Kinda cringy” … like that wasn’t ENTIRELY the point of the video. Thoughts?

The ladies and the fellas at Noveske did it again: Good stuff… It’s for their new GEN4 Rifles.  They are priced in the higher end, starting at $2150 for the little PDW.  Man do they look sweet though.  The fact it’s Noveske definitely gets you some more right swipes on Tinder, and extra “HeLL Ya […]

This is epic: These cool moms are cool.  Remember the mother’s day video they did, which I posted a while back? Noveske is kind.  They rewind. Thoughts?

Moms doing 2nd Amendment mom stuff: Sure why not.  Beats watching DaNYo DeFeNSe’s weakass ads about nothing.  No one is really putting out any worthwhile products or promoting anything interesting nowadays it seems.  Is the industry in a slump?  Are people even buying new AR-15s anymore?  There has to be like 10 AR-15s for every […]

Purely for shits and giggles: What’s not to like?  I enjoy when companies don’t take themselves too seriously. You can check out their website if you’re feeling in a spending mood and you want something badass.