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Man… “custom Glock Slides” are the new thing apparently.  So many companies making them. The usual expected “marketing” talk in the video.  Not something I’d buy, but I’m sure PWS throwing their hat in the ring of Glock custom options is probably a decent move considering they already have the manufacturing equipment.  Price is $449 […]

One of those machining / manufacturing videos I like so much: They talk a lot of shit at the beginning about all the “amount of maintenance required to make the m4 design continually run properly.  We’re constantly fighting to get through full magazine dumps to show how effective the compensators were.”.   Really?  You couldn’t […]

PWS with a follow up to the first Aftermath video they posted: Ryan gosling is back operating in modern day Detroit, and is apparently comfortable in CQB with a magnified optic. *face palm* 0:05 – Cool hallway / lighting effect 0:29 – No flashlight already on your railed forend?  Pfffffft amateur.  PWS do you even […]

A weak second episode… After the first episode, and the shot show episode I was optimistic but longed for the episodes the be longer.   Weeeeeeeeelllll, this one was longer.  It was basically useless from a gun content and story standpoint though.  I hope this picks up fast because not even the awesome Archer style […]

SHOT SHOW 2014: Better than the first episode, I’ll say that much.  I guess I expected the episodes to be longer and more substantive than they have been so far. Thoughts?

The name of this premiere episode is “The Misled Ad”: They definitely delivered on the animation side of things.  Storyline and dialog though was lacking, but I’ll cut them some slack because it’s the first episode. Thoughts?  Did you enjoy it?