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Another day another “training” method.  I present the jostle-max loosey-goosey drill.  Shawty get LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW: A video posted by RICH GRAHAM (@trifitkb) on Jul 31, 2016 at 12:12pm PDT From the description: Today I was demonstrating to the class a “DRILL” to stay loose and on target by adjusting to impacts using […]

Since the last post was incredibly long I figured such an extreme FAIL deserved its own post. Note the WHOIS information for his rebuttal comment in the fog of derp post: And the WHOIS info for the person “Poppy” who just responded to that comment: LOL Rich, you may think you know something about firearms […]

Navy SEAL Rich Graham didn’t take too kindly to us making fun of his youtube training video in my last post The Fog Of Derp – Shooting Under Stress. You can view the video below, and click on the link above to see the comments that were made about it: For those that are not […]

Rich Graham with some sound advice: When I hit play on the video I was crossing my fingers he was going to touch on this… and oh did he ever haha.  Demonstration and all! The multicam pants with the burnt orange puffer + the olive beanie is a real look he’s serving.  I’m not mad […]

Rich Graham is still as extra as he was years back when I used to blog about him: *shrug* whatever works.  I do appreciate how Rich Graham truly must do this for sport. Thoughts?  You fellas warming up like this before you go on a chicken nugget run… and by run I mean dragging yourself […]

Rich Graham at it again.  Beard, bullets, and two of his buddies: This “drill” looks about as useful as it is interesting.  Nothing much really happens in the video, but since the internet exists and is used by many as a place to stroke their egos we see Rich Graham convinced two of his buddies […]