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Another day another “training” method.  I present the jostle-max loosey-goosey drill.  Shawty get LOW LOW LOW LOW LOW: A video posted by RICH GRAHAM (@trifitkb) on Jul 31, 2016 at 12:12pm PDT From the description: Today I was demonstrating to the class a “DRILL” to stay loose and on target by adjusting to impacts using […]

Since the last post was incredibly long I figured such an extreme FAIL deserved its own post. Note the WHOIS information for his rebuttal comment in the fog of derp post: And the WHOIS info for the person “Poppy” who just responded to that comment: LOL Rich, you may think you know something about firearms […]

Navy SEAL Rich Graham didn’t take too kindly to us making fun of his youtube training video in my last post The Fog Of Derp – Shooting Under Stress. You can view the video below, and click on the link above to see the comments that were made about it: For those that are not […]

Perfect example of training like you fight: A post shared by RICH GRAHAM (@trifitkb) on Feb 5, 2018 at 8:58am PST Rich Graham of Trident Fitness gets it… well he gets how to troll for internet attention anyways.  I get that this is supposed to be a “strength” demonstration, not how to 1/2 of your […]

LOL this… he hits us with the backwards roll.  Just a little finesse for your ass on this fine Saturday: Man that Humvee is on point though.  No doors is such a flex… also I’m really digging that spray can camo job.  It’s like the least pretentious thing on earth, and at the same time […]

Hmmmmm: The instructor in the video is Rich Graham, we go way back.  The Fog of derp post, and his reply is such classic ENDO.  I’m happy that he’s putting out post-worthy videos again. Would this stuff “work” in a real life situation?  I don’t know, potentially I guess?  That said, I could easily make a […]