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Sintercore goes for some low hanging fruit this time and is coming out with a basic Glock 43 +2 magazine extension: The whole claim to fame at Sintercore is that they use additive manufacturing (3D printing in various materials) rather than the usual machining (subtractive).  I believe I’ve stated my opinion on this in the past, […]

I know what you pessimists are thinking “WOW an ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle (patent pending) *EYE ROLL*”: But wait… Sintercore (a.k.a. “Halix” of chin stock fame) might be onto something this time, check it out. $50 pre-order (shipping included) for an ambidextrous charging handle is actually a damn fine price when you compare it to other […]

This guy thinks he invented something new: Little does he know the USA beat him to the punch with an actual product (for the AR-15 only).  Remember this? That was the Halix Chin Stock which quickly got swept under the rug due to embarrassment by a company now called Sintercore (which is still selling a 3D […]

The Auxetik by Sintercore: You can read more about the product over on the website.  A lot of big words and fancy buzz words and sentences you can laugh at. According to the website, Auxetik is pronounced “Awg-ZETIK” which really doesn’t bring me any closer to knowing how it’s actually pronounced considering that’s not how you […]