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Were you aware?  haha basically if you subscribe to them on YouTube they still won’t shut up about it.  They even have an all-girl show out now: PLOT TWIST: Their biggest competitor is… THEMSELVES.  *whoa guys… mind blown.* Jokes aside, if this show is anything like ABC’s The Bachelor, I’m down. *SMH Nick should have […]

Larry Vuitton doing a good job pretending he gives a shit about this at SHOT this year: Holy how big is the Springfield Armory marketing budget?  I swear like 90% of the gun YouTubers have some Saint related video up.  If you follow Springfield on YouTube I’m also guessing you’ve definitely had enough Saint related videos […]

I knew that was going to be good when it started with him fake-clearing his ALpHa throat and addressing the SnOwfLaKeS: Whoever writes the script for these ads needs to start writing sheepdog fan fiction cringe for me. I’m still not entirely sure why this pistol needs to exist.  Do people need their AR-10 to […]

A mini 1911 they call the 911.  Ok… 0:24 – Pelican didn’t cut the MFin check, so that’s what happens… they get scratched out.  haha sorry about the link… after I did it I was like “Man this is some thefirearmblog bullshit I’m on right now”, but rather than delete it as I normally would […]

I talked about this before…. And holy they still are marketing the shit out of that thing on their youtube channel LOL.

They call it the SAINT.  NEVA BIN DONE BEFO as you can plainly see: Everyone on YouTube and their grandma did a review on it and a “first look” on it, so if you care just hit up google.  I saw an AR and immediately didn’t care to watch any of them.  *sigh* I was […]