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In the USA at least they have the freedom to be the tools they are: I don’t know who I’m more disappointed in, the instructors or the students.  Both exhibit mind blowing levels of derp. Yea I agree portrait mode video is derpy as well, but at least this was documented. Freedom Tools popped smoke […]

Trident Tactical Solutions no only provides stern jostle on jostle training , but they also do this.  This shit… this shit right here: “Please take gun safety seriously & do not attempt these drills.  We perform these drills to only prove what we train.  During out training videos we have medial personnel on standby.” So the […]

Had to switch the flow up on you triggaz shit was getting too predictable: haha @ “Jerry Maculik” then “Mr. Manulik” in the intro roll. Not sure if trollin’ Ugh 1:14 in and it’s still scrolling… you could have at least entertained me and did it Star Wars style and put some music with it. […]