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These guys: “Content”.  Getting sauced, talking their shit again.  I knew the direction this was going to go, before I even clicked play.  OUNCES EQUAL POUNDS, not that I disagree.  I mean I can’t directly relate, but I do know that eating cheesecakes that way a lot of ounces end up putting pounds on. Thoughts? I […]

These guys again: Uggggggggggggh “stay in your lane” they say.  Again, like we discussed in the previous post since it’s a free country I think it’s up to “instructors” to do whatever they feel they want to, and up to the students to pick out a school / instructor which meets their needs.  The stay in […]

These guys: Every time I hear someone calling themselves a “Real instructor” when talking down on someone else all I can think of is “What are your qualifications?” *said in whiny basementdweller nerd voice* (see post pic).   These guys in the video are getting the mega feels that their businesses are being threatened by others who […]

The Warfighters are roasting guys again: You could summarize the “warfighter” series of videos by – “If you haven’t had bullets wiz past your head / haven’t been in a real combat you’re basically just playing around trying to prepare for anything that might resemble it”.  It’s all about being in “the club” with these guys.   This is […]