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Mattv2099 cheats death: I know he’s still alive after this because he Instagrammed a pic since then. If you have to constantly clear dangerous feeds, deal with surprise single shot mode, and hammer your gun with a KA-Bar to get it to work again… it’s probably best getting rid of and let it be someone […]

Holy this is so operator it hurts: If only they made a stars & stripes version of their American made tactical pants so I could roundhouse people to the face. The company which makes these is called Hoffner, and they are $150 on their website.  It doesn’t include that neoprene inside-the-pants holster, so make sure […]

Mattv2099 is a sucker for punishment: Everything about that gun just makes me cringe.  I love how it’s considered “impressive” when it can make it through a magazine LOL. That thing is obviously pointless for any sort of self defense.  Range use only just seems frustrating and dangerous.  Lose-Lose situation if I’ve ever seen one. As […]

Twice the stopping power!  :P Source: Impact Guns Is the Zip still a piece of shit, or are all the kinks ironed out?  I blogged about it a few times when it came out, then didn’t hear much about it again until Mattv2099 did his videos, the last one being where he put the spring […]

Mattv2099 puts in the recoil spring upgrade kit and tests it out: WOW!  4 full magazines… I’m seriously impressed considering it couldn’t even get through 3 shots in his previous tests without jamming. I still cringe every time I see someone charge one of these things… what an “interesting” design. 2:45 –  Matt has a […]

Mattv2099 gets operated on buy the ZiP .22LR: You can check out more pictures and background info on the ZiP Modular Weapons System over at the linked post. To call the method of loading a round into that gun “stupid” would be the biggest understatement of the decade.  It’s the most retarded thing I’ve literally […]