When the fellas brought the guns out:

If you need me, the fellas and I are TRAINING LIKE WE FIGHT. Gat tip: @Ramonx24

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You already know they start training like they fight.  😬😬😬

Just when I think “I’ve seen the stupidest thing the gun-related internet has to offer”, I’m dumbfounded by something even worse.



This video is art:

Awesome.  You can donate on the DEFCAD website. 🤘


Woooooo child:

Before you ask why it’s sKeLeToNiZEd, I have no idea.  All of their magazines are seemingly like that… must be because they think it’s cool I guess. *shrug*

The company who makes this four magazine centipede is called Bad Element.  Now, I know I say a lot of websites are “the absolute worst I’ve ever seen”… but I really mean it with this one.  It’s extremely bad… like I might have to go see a doctor I cringed so hard.  They have a .co website they want you to go shop on (which I’m assuming is atrocious as well, but I haven’t been because chrome is throwing a huge security error on it).  You win some and you lose some in the gun game amirite fellas?


Gat tip: Mattv2099 <– RIP to a real one.  Nah he’s not dead the R stands for Retire in this case.  One of my favorite channels on YouTube.  A true gun vid shitposting OG.  I wish the new king shitposter Edwin Sarkissian studied Matt’s game more closely rather than trying to blaze his own shitposting trail.  It’s like 2.3% as entertaining as Mattv ever was 😭.  I love how whenever I call Edwin a gun video shitposter a bunch of dudes white knight for him in the comments like “DiD U knOw EdWiN CaMe To MeRICA with 23 ceNtS iN His PocKeT an StArTed a peaNuT bUTtEr n JeLLy SanWiCh (or whateverTF) fRaNchiSe an He SaVeS wHaLeS and BalD eAgLeS oN TeH wEekenDs?” ME: “Yea ok, cool bro that’s really awesome you know his backstory.  Now what?”  On the flip side, when I call Mattv2099 a gun video shitposter we all celebrate together.


Wow.  Appendix carry New York reload huh?  Sure why not:

I’m still convinced that a “MaRkeTinG sTrAtEgy” some of these companies have, is to dream up the absolute most bizarre shit possible, then create it under the guise of being serious in order to get posted all over and drive other business to them.  I fall for it every time 😆.

If you want this monstrosity, it’s $115 on the NSR Tactical website.

Gat tip: Matthew


This guy is a character:

1:13 – HE RAISES MOTHS?  I’m not a fan of moths.  I don’t get freaked out by them, but I just don’t like them.  My girlfriend, mom, and sister absolutely lose their minds if a moth gets in mix.  It’s entertaining.

Lasers are so damn cool.  If I had a workshop and more time, I’d definitely like to build some cool laser stuff like this guy.

6:17 – It’s illegal to sell these laser guns?  Something FDA related I guess :(  Sounds like a sweet untapped market if he could get into it.  Companies seem to be able to sell the lasers no problem, I don’t know why selling them assembled in a nice little package would be illegal.

8:12 – Yaassssssss sick Las-AR.  That beam is hella THICC.

The kid goes by Styropyro on YouTube if you’re looking to watch his vids.

Do you guys hate Motherboard too since it’s under the VICE umbrella?  Or just VICE itself?  Holy I’ve had to watch 3 ads so far in the video… that’s annoying.


I’ve always said CarBYNE, but I also apparently say a ton of other things wrong:

haha this video is just under 12 minutes.  Taofledermaus doing the lord’s work.

If you pronounce Carbine “CarBEAN” then I’m sorry but you have to pronounce the following words the same way:

Combine = ComBEAN
Turbine = TurBEAN
Columbine = ColumBEAN
Concubine = ConcuBEAN

Gotta throw the hard “BEAN” at the end of all those words to keep consistency.  I don’t make the rules, but that’s just the way it is.