It’s lit:

LOL I lost it at the first 🗣🎤”There’s a place called Kosovo…” 🎶.  Certified autumn banger.. I’d add this to my Spotify if it was available.

It’s a parody of Beach Boys – Kokomo, for any of my teen readers.  Do teens even know what blogs are?  Judging by all the “Dude, how do I buy one of your Auto glock selector switches?” emails I get, they seemingly don’t understand blogs / don’t have time for reading a couple paragraphs.  I’m not even going to click on the link in that post again, because last time I did I saw Blackhawk helicopters and white vans for days.


Gat tip: Carl


Si vis pacem, para bellum:

Too good.  Gotta go full Frank Castle next time I get some mushrooms in the kitchen.

More pics over at Castellon’s Kitchen


Bruther-on-bruther pushups:

I wish I was making this up.  If you don’t get it, you’re obviously just not ALPHA enough 😂.  I truly wasn’t surprised to see Shoothouse P doing the pushups in the video on the second slide.  Crazy times we’re living in hehe.

If you’re not coming home from training, broken, bruised, and with potentially a few more holes you’re not training like you fight.

Thoughts?  What happens when beards touch and eyes lock?

Gat tip: Claythomas


This is pure gold:

haha 😂 he did a really great job on that.  You can check out the original song here for reference if you want.

I haven’t seen the new Mulan movie, but I’m not in a huge hurry to.  I don’t recall liking the old one at all.  There’s a good reason any of the Disney parks aren’t loaded with Mulan rides, or a Mulan world.

There’s a reason Brandon has 746,000 subscibers.  He’ll be at a million in no time.  Holy, this video along has ~250k views already, and it was posted only a couple of weeks ago.



Certified classic:

Put that one in the history books haha.  Perfect.

The guy’s TikTok account is @thelaserboi if you’re on there and want to follow him.  I’m still on the fence about TikTok.. it gets VERY repetitive after you spend a few hours on there.  Definitely some funny stuff in the mix though.




haha it’s all in good fun fellas.