Brandon talks about his now removed video, and shows some clips:

I’m so annoyed I didn’t get to see the actual episode before it was deleted by YouTube, I’ll have to see if one of the fellas saved it.  At least Brandon said he’s going to edit it to stay within the guidelines then re-upload it.

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1911 bois:

Actually I guess it’s a “blank gun” according to the start of the vid.  This type of video is so relaxing.


Some football bro (Chris Ballard?) has an opinion:

Wow.  The more I see stuff like this online, and hear people talking in person I’m pretty sure that a large percentage of Americans actually think you can just walk into a gun store and buy AUTOMATIC guns.

The stupidest sentences known to man are always preceded by “I’m not anti-gun but..”



$2900 of pure profit 😂.  King behavior:

Interesting that they won’t be buying back 3d printed guns in the future.. so… are they guns or not? 🤔

I’m not on top of Houston TX crime.. but those 274 murders are likely mostly gang violence right?  I highly doubt its dudes with families in the suburbs with GHOST GUNS 👻.

Funny how they ask the guy in the video (the mayor of Houston) “do you really expect criminals to turn in their guns at these buyback events?” and he answered yes. Smh..

By the look of the pictures that were shown in the vid, people turned in junk guns that were probably just rusting in an attic or toolbox in a garage.  Probably none of the “Glock wiT Da Switch” type guns they were hoping for.


Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it


They made a vid about buttons:

Product demo vid:

If it’s reliable and works as intended, seems like a nice addition.



Print Shoot Repeat talks about it:

“Our software recognizes 3d printed weapon files and blocks them from being printed.  It is open source so that 3d printing industry can join us in the fight” 😂💀

Their printers look cool enough, but quite the high horse to stand on and virtue signal.  Not really sure what this accomplishes other than a loss in sales. 🤔

Here’s the video PSR shows from Dagoma about how “3d weapons are a real problem, we must act now to stop them”:

0:32 – So they want people to submit 3d printed gun files to them, so they can in turn MAKE THEM USELESS ONCE PRINTED. Ahhaha what a strategy.

haha it explains later in the vid that they they are modifying the files and then redistributing them “where they found the originals”.  Most people are just going to go to the actual source.  I wonder what French law thinks about them distributing 3d printed gun files?  Not to mention the liability issue if someone gets hurt, which PSR brings up.