Weird flex, but ok:

haha the dedication to collecting these, and the technical analysis is great.

4 different types in his collection.


ASMR Rich stays making it his job to soothe the people:

These vids of his are blowing up!  He’s been making ASMR vids for a month and already has 135,000 subs.  The vid above already has 150,000 views on it.  I feel like even the anti-gun people that like ASMR would appreciate this, but I could be wrong.  I scrolled the comments for a minute, and couldn’t see anything negative.  Good vibes only.

You can also check out the first post I did on ASMR Rich if you want.

Thoughts?  Looks like this guy really found a niche within a niche within a niche.


Administrative Results takes a look:

There are a lot of entertaining gun YouTube channels I’m finding out about lately.  This channel seems really good.  I liked that intro edit.  If I see an auto Glock related video I’m obligated to click and watch.



Oooooof.  We all know this was bound to happen sooner or later:

Cringe on several levels, including the single color heat transfer onto the Gildan “boomer model” blank t-shirt.


Gat tip: dazzzzzedandconfused


Polenar Tactical breaks it down:

The fellas went from binge drinking alcohol to binge drinking energy drinks.  A lifestyle I could NEVER.

Regarding Ziga’s pants… anyone know what the purpose of those 45 degree zippers in the crotch area are?  Are those pockets, or little vents you can open up (like the pit zips on a jacket) in case things start to get a little humid down there?  I don’t know enough about tactical pants to know the answer.


The lads at Polenar tactical:

This is the longer vid it was taken from:

I don’t ever remember seeing that.  Must have been when I was on one of my blogging breaks.  Too good. I did blog about Shit you see on the range (part 1) here.

I make fun of the whole brass gatherer stereotype in my brass bandit and brass shark t-shirts.

Thoughts? I’m just so used to asking that now.  Speaking of thoughts though, I plan on changing the comment section over to something that will work better.  Disqus worked great for a long time, but there are certain issues and annoyances I have with it that popped up over the past year, that basically make it unusuable now.  Don’t worry, with the new comment system you’ll still be able to log in using OAUTH facebook, twitter etc..