If you like nitpicking (like most of us do), then you’ve come to the right place:

Jonathan Ferguson, is a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries in Leeds England.

12:57 – This folding stock that turns into a foregrip is epic.  I love how back in the day they had no choice but to either make things out of wood or SOLID STEEL.

COD: Vanguard is on Amazon if you want to pick up a hardcopy.  Kind of sucks that they’re still making hard copies of disposable things like this, when downloads exist.  Basically if they let somehow could let people trade or sell their download (while still making money).. maybe even a full access to everything monthly subscription?.. If that happened the physical copy market would pretty much not be needed.  It would be like the pressed vinyl market.. sure some collectors would buy it, but mainly most people wouldn’t care since it’s on Spotify.



Initially I assumed this was a sponsored video from Brandon.  😂  a couple minutes in, and I’m 100% sure it’s not:

Oh lawd Heizer Defense… I realize this is totally a “because we could” type gun.. but yea 7.62x39mm out of a barrel that’s not even a few inches long just screams pointless.

1:20 – Yikes.. having to pull the trigger a handful of times before it actually fired is not ideal.

1:24 – Not being able to open it up by hand, so he resorts to hitting the slide with a hammer gets awarded one more “yike” from me.  I’ll throw in a bonus yike for having to ram out the spent casing.

2:44 – Brandon calls out the weird blade bois during the knife sponsored segment.

4:50 – ahaha the go/ no go / field gauge shenanigans had me rolling.

6:28 – This gun just keeps getting worse and worse.

9:18 – Oh wow, it fired on the first trigger pull.  Too bad he couldn’t open it.

The Heizer logo just screams “lower back tattoo”.  It’s definitely one of my litmus tests for evaluating a logo.  If I see lower back tattoo potential, then it goes in the bad pile.  I’m not talking bad meaning good either… I’m talking bad meaning BAD.

Heizer.. Scheisse 😏.  Any thoughts fellas?


Straight outta Switzerland:

As mentioned off rip, the company ALIG Industries is Swiss.  CHF84.90 converts to about $92 USD if you want one.  I’m not sure how much shipping would be.  It comes in all the required camouflages and colors.. ranger green, wolf grey, multicam reggie and black, M81 etc…

Looks like nice workmanship.  If you’re looking for a cute accessory to get a “heh” or a “Brooooooooo aahaha” out of the fellas, then I’d say you’ve come to the right place.  Bonus that it holds tall bois.



I wonder if any of the most popular gun people have experienced anything like this?

Before I get into it… this guy in the YouTube vid still and at 0:12 is giving me Lucas from T-REX Arms vibes.  There’s more of him towards the end of the video..  this doppelgänger goes by Social Repose.

Judging by the comments I see on the YouTube videos, the audience on the videos of some of the more “low hanging fruit / cringe for views as content” gun guys.. their fanbase definitely seems to skew young.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if some of those parents are driving their kids to some of YouTubers we know in person.  That’s cool as long as its not done in a stalker way.  Showing up at someone’s house is absolutely batshit crazy.

While watching the video, I was thinking.. you know what, the homie Brandon (the AKGuy) was actually doing a hypehouse type thing for a while with BrassValley.  That was obviously a TON of work to pull off in the fashion he did, and thankfully the guys he picked were actually not children.  It would be cool if there was a full time gun content hype house, with adults.  I realize that logistically a bunch of dudes in their late 20s – 40s probably are not going to want to live together though.. so the next best thing would be like a “hype Co-working space”.  After typing that out, it actually seems like what some of the guys in Texas have going on.  Everyone always featuring everyone local in their videos.  I’m not mad at it, however you fellas know I have my favorites.  It pains my heart when a non-cringe YouTuber and a cringe YouTuber collab.

Holy, when some of that hypehouse content started rolling at around the 2:00 mark in the video I had to almost turn away. 😬 grim.

2:44 – A huge mob rolling up on the house of this Megan Zelly girl that has only 102,000 on instagram?  Wow.. I didn’t think that was a follower count people had to worry about stalkers at.



Firepower United:

haha accurate.  You literally couldn’t give those away back then.


That’s really what the curvybois Taurus went ahead and made a video about, 😂 I’m deceased:

You already know they had the turn the comments off.  I wonder if they were off as soon as it was published, or if it took a few people who roasted them within an inch of their life and proceeded to get upvoted and replied to hundreds of times before they were like “uh yea we have to stop this”.

1:43 – 👀 Bruther rocking the threeper-we-the-people-betsy-ross-tattered-flag combo.

“We’re not just setting new standards in product development and value. We’re elevating the entire firearms industry, and we’re doing it in historic fashion.” – Taurus