Really cool innovation:

Now make it out of bio degradable plastic!

Check out the details on the Rarog website and if you’re interested in seeing what else they have going on.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Interesting history behind the “America’s army” game. I can see how it would be viewed as problematic when kids in their early teens are getting influenced.

8:30 – That mobile gaming truck is nice!

10:39 – “You can’t join the Army just to play video games. All the soldiers here have had other positions in the military. The esports team is only a temporary assignment.”

15:16 – LOL dudes in the Twitch stream asking about war crimes. Yikes.

VICE recently did another, different report on video games in the military  – used for combat training.


VICE looks into it:

I actually didn’t realize the military had so much to do with the birth and early innovation of video games.

6:25 – DOOM was so legendary.

Bravemind looks interesting, and definitely seems like a good idea to have something like that.  Even though the graphics aren’t very modern looking, it’s amazing how after playing something for a few minutes your brain just forgets it doesn’t look ultra real, and deals with it.


High quality recruitment / trolling:

This was designed to upset some people and excite others. It did its job.  If you google psyop ghosts in the machine, you’ll see numerous articles freaking out about it.

Currently it’s the only video that the Army 4th PSYOP Group has out on YouTube, and they already have 9580 Subscribers at the time of writing.


This is funny:

I’ve never watched anything as accurate in my life.  It truly has it all.


Gat tip: David M


VICE takes a look:

1:08 – “The Chinese military hasn’t used their drone in real warfare, but over the past decade the country has exported over 200 drones to 16 countries”.

I love the idea of not putting our human solider’s lives at risk.. but yea, occasionally misidentifying targets is terrible.


Interesting and terrifying at the same time.  It’s all good when you and your allies have the top notch drone tech.  As soon as that’s no longer the case though, and even the terrorists and rival countries can afford or build something similar it’s hard to feel as safe.