Bruthers LOVE a good “grey man” story:

Yooo Ryan Gosling x Ana de Armas?  Bladerunner 2049 all over again.

Definitely looks a bit corny, but I’ll watch it at some point.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A new Sniper movie:

It’s the 8th movie in the Sniper series.  Judging by the trailer there will be some entertaining gunplay,  I’ll watch it.

Have you guys been watching more movies since COVID-19 hit?  I find I’m watching about the same.. a couple a month.


And people were trying to kill you 🤔.  Haha holy this looks intense:

1:22 – NOOOOOoooo I hate when they don’t figure out a way to make it NOT look like blanks.  Ruins everything.

Thoughts?  Initially I thought this was a corridor digital short because I wasn’t paying attention when I hit play.  Then I was like “Whoa what the.. that’s Daniel Radcliffe!”


This looks like hot garbage:

I just want to see the BFG in action… I probably won’t be able to watch the rest though, it looks really bad.

0:26 – We can see what the BFG looks like anyways.

I’m kind of over the whole DOOM franchise now.  I have fond memories of playing it, but that’s where it stops for me.



Look good as usual:

Unsurprisingly the formula seems to be the same as John Wick 1 and 2.  Should be entertaining as usual, because Keanu is a badass and the locations are always top knotch.  Parabellum has a such a nice ring to it, I’m surprised no one else has used that word recently for a movie or show since the translation from Latin is “prepare for war”.  You might be more familiar with the full “si vis pacem para bellum” meaning “If you want peace, prepare for war”… it’s part of the starter kit all piehitters are given which includes the necessary patches to put on their 5.11 backpacks, and stickers to put on their Jeeps.

In Theaters May 17.  Whoa I can’t believe this isn’t out by now, I feel like I saw the shots of Keanu filming on a horse a long time ago (turns out that was last August).

Thoughts? Are you seeing this one in the theaters?


This movie looks typical:

haha 1:44 is where the HANDgun is.  Looks like confirmed trash, and that dude looks like a Kirkland brand Jamie Dornan.


Gat tip: Southern Son