Tru sheepdogs kno:

I’m downgrading this from “definitely watch“, to “definitely watch the first episode”.  Looks kinda corny now that I see this new trailer.  Whatever though, it will be free to check out on Nov 17th when it comes to Netflix.



Straight to video:

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsMeh, I’ll probably put it on and jam some popcorn and various teas into my mouth for approximately 1.5 hours once it’s released.

Judging by the trailer, it doesn’t really surprise me it’s bypassing the theaters.  (Nov 4th / Nov 15th release, depending on format).



Dece trailer:

gun-control-works-shirt-banned-ebayDoesn’t seem like anything new, but hey if it opens more people’s eyes to what’s happening then it does its job.

When ever I hear words like “exposing” and “agenda” my brain says them in an extremely Alex Jones voice.

It’s coming to quite a few theaters on Sept 29th.  Head over to the official website and see if it’s in your area if you’re interested.  Hopefully this goes up on Netflix.

Oh and if whoever filmed that Australian gun destruction footage gets royalties every time that’s used and played, that person has got to be a millionaire several times over by now haha.



Holy… well this looks like CERTIFIED TRASH:

Is-That-A-Gun-In-Your-Pocket-MovieTake some Z-list actors and try to be edgy… classic strategy.  I’m pretty sure I would even be able to give this movie a pity-viewing on an international flight, if the choice was between it and watching basically ANYTHING else on earth.

This movie comes out sometime in September.  I’m sure it say where and when exactly on the movie’s website, just as sure as I am that 99.9% of you are going to have something better to do with your time.


Gat tip: Patrick


This looks damn good.  Based on a true story as well:

Based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the WWII mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich’s third in command after Hitler and Himmler.

Anthropoid-Movie-PosterYea I’ll see this.  I’m always down for a good WWII related movie (UPDATE: I was just schooled that it was the cold war in the movie).  The last good one I remember seeing lately was Bridge of Spies.

Thoughts?  Is it on your list as well?

In theaters August 12, 2016.



0:15 – Had me at Denzel.  I didn’t even need to see the rest of the trailer to know I wanted to see this movie.

0:44 – OH lawwwwwwd Same director as Training Day.

0:50 – I like Andy Dwyer and Ethan Hawke too.

magnificent-seven0:57 – damn a crank gatling gun!  This trailer is really delivering.

Oh yea I want to see this.  In case you didn’t already know, it’s a remake of the 1960 movie by the same name, starring Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson etc…

Thoughts?  You catching this one in the theater.