But they gave them reality not fantasy:

usher-sipHmmmm got em?  This is one of the better anti-gun marketing ideas I’ve ever seen, because at least there was some effort put in.  I still don’t get how seemingly these people can separate criminals having guns and doing bad stuff with them, from people wanting them to PROTECT THEMSELVES from such criminals.  I’m sure some of those shootings could have been stopped or at least saved a few lives if there was a good guy with a gun.



Looks bad.  Like Borat with gunplay:

The-Brothers-GrimsbyMeh… well its got guns in it, so that’s a plus.  Looks like there might be some funny parts (hopefully not all spoiled by this trailer).

It’s not doing as terrible as I expected on IMDB (6.8/10) or Rotten Tomatoes (critics 38% / Audience 56%).

Anyone really excited about this movie?  I’ll most likely skip it in the theaters, but maybe watch it at home sometime when it’s raining.


Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines:

Rick-James-Dave-ChappelleOoooooo ya.  May 16th is the UK release date, I don’t see the USA release date but I hope it’s happening soon because I want to see this movie.

<— This would be my face just before a robot is about to kill me.  My legs would coincidentally probably also be like linguini.

This feels eerily like the Boston Dynamics humanesque robot I posted a couple days ago.  Thoughts?


Holy this is well done:

Desperado-Movie-Sleeve-GunMan, that must have taken the guy who made this FOREVER to get the lighting matched across all the scenes, not to mention picking what scenes from what movies to even use.  If this actually existed in real life beyond the editing room, it would be the most expensive movie in history haha.  Like a ramped up expendables.

Definitely worth watching.  Makes me want to re-watch a few of those movies again.


Tom Hardy plays two characters (twins) in this, and it looks promising:

Tom-Hardy-LegendYea I’ll see this.  Looks like it might have some decent gun play!  Based on actual scumbags even.

1:57 – “I’ve come here for a proper shootout.  A shootout is a shootout… like a western.” haha

Playing two characters is such a baller move… if he pulls this off it will basically automatically put him in the running for an Oscar.



Looks like some potentially decent gunplay in this:

I have to say I’m somewhat over Tarantino, after seeing all (or most) his movies.  I suppose every director has their predictable trademark things which they stick to though.

The-Hateful-EightI’ll almost definitely see this movie at some point when I want to shut my brain off for a couple hours and relax, but I’ll probably be like “Meh” and have no desire to ever see it again.

Thoughts? In theaters January 8th, 2016.