This guy has a proven track record now, of being a pure shithead:

Miss-America-Mallory-HaganOh look Mr Controversial opens his controversy hole again.  How SHOCKING! *eye roll*.  Oh and it’s Obama related too?  Again… very shocking.

At this point the tinfoil hat guy in me is almost convinced he’s funded by the antigun / anti-freedom crowd just to make us look bad.  I hardly think that would be a stretch.

Stay classy Ted.  Thoughts?


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Remember the final “Obama Assassination” episode of Season two?

The secret service wanted to have a chat about it:

Oh Alex Jones.  Basically the secret service visit was a non-event… but scary nonetheless.  Too bad the secret service didn’t show up at Tim’s house and demand to speak to Conrad.  Funnier yet would be if when they were leaving, Tim said something in the Conrad voice LOL.

Conrad-The-ConstitutionYou can read more about it on Alex Jones’ Infowars website.



Ron Paul and Conrad kick some ass:

Conrad-The-ConstitutionEvery man that fights gets two Obama George Forman Grills!  Speaking of George Foreman grills, I haven’t used one of those in a while… nothing beats a BBQ though.

I really hope they keep up with this series.  I like it because it’s controversial like SouthPark, but has constitution/American related story lines.



Commander In Chief and the Turkish Prime Minster didn’t want to get wet:

Obama-Rain-Marines-UmbrellaPeople were shitting a brick over this on the internet the last couple days.  I’m sure there were worse things those two Marines have done, and will do than hold an umbrella for their boss in the White House Rose Garden.

Today’s Terminal Lance comic on the topic was pretty awesome.  That would have been pretty damn funny if one of those marines was like “HA, I’m not holding an umbrella for you”.  I don’t even know what would have happened after that, but I’m assuming it would be met with a quick dishonorable discharge.

Thoughts?  Did this enrage you?


Sheriff Shayne Heap of Elbert County Colorado:

Well spoken guy.  I can’t say I disagree with anything he says.


Hat tip: Miguel


FPS Russia suits up and shows us some guns:

I’ll have to say I enjoy FPS Russia’s vids a lot more now than I used to.  I’m not a fan of the DIY terrible looking red tiger stripe pattern he decided to bless his AR upper with.

FPS-RussiaDamn that all looks like fun. I still think he’s going to be a piece of something through his jugular someday, I hope not but one can only be lucky for so long.