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On more than one occasion the US Supreme court actually affirmed that contrary to popular belief, the police are not obligated to protect citizens (see DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales).  I don’t really know what the solution here is, when most police are just like you and I.. they do a job for a paycheck and want to live a nice long happy life.  Really makes a person appreciate those who decide to risk all of that, to save a bunch of people they’ve never even met.


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Ahaha what the hell:

Brought to you by the same group who did ISIS Toyota.  Good to see there’s still someone doing comedy that isn’t afraid to be “cancelled” or blacklisted for being edgy.



This is great:

Note to self: Bring bike to the range next time. 📝

Falling when in that forward position against the handlebars would be deadly.

Thoughts?  I don’t know what’s better, this or the Rollerblade Bois.



Chinese-QBZ-BullpupSupposedly the confrontation started because the kisser was running an illegal restaurant on a Chinese city sidewalk.

How do you yell “WORLDSTAR!” in Chinese?  hahah never mind, I looked it up on Google Translate.

According to the video description: Following the incident, Mr. Huang has been detained for eight days for obstructing government officials from performing their duty.


Not really any back story to this, but it sure escalates quickly:

I’m not a fan of Law Enforcement harassing people, but I’m also not a fan of people being dicks to Law Enforcement.   There’s definitely a fine line.  This guy in the video obviously has a history with the cop, so that doesn’t bode well for their interaction if he thought he was being treated unfairly due to a past arrest.  You know what though, If I was a cop and someone was a criminal once I’d have pretty good reason to suspect they were being a criminal again especially if WalMart called me down (I’m assuming this based on the video) to talk to him.  Honestly could the guy have not just showed the receipt and went on about his night?  I know that’s not the point though… but personally sometimes I do shit I don’t want to do just because it makes my life easier and I can go back to eating cheetos, reading blogs, and being alone you know?  Slippery slope?  Maybe.

The cop was actually being quite pleasant and professional in this video for the most part up until 2:58 “Because I like you I just want to take a picture of it” was jokes though LOL… nice try officer that was a condescending think to say you dickhead.

Friday-Ice-Cube3:30 – “He’s trying to MIKE BROWN ME.  I HAVE MY RECEIPT. HE’S TRYING TO MIKE BROWN ME.” Repeat x 52

Really though as I’ve said in the past, Law Enforcement looks like such a terrible job.  You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with shitheads like this guy in the video.

<— This is still my favorite Black Friday.


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Former cop talking about police impersonation, Hollywood gimmicks, etc..:

Spoiler Alert: He says YES to the crop top, no to the Tactical T-Rex.

He probably knows more than I know about the “Impersonating a police officer topic”.  I always just stayed away from shirts that said POLICE on them because I didn’t want people to think I was a NARC and get my ass kicked.  I did make my parents buy me an FBI hat the first time a long time ago when we were on summer holidays.  I wore it around for a while, but no one though I was in the FBI because I was like 11 so it was cool.  I don’t know if it’s a great idea to even semi-impersonate a police officer in an active shooter type situation though.  It’s not like the police are going to see you in your BAD BITCH mesh belly shirt with “POLICE” written on it and be like… “HE’S GOOD.  He’s one of us. CLEAR!”  Will they?

American-Apparel-Mesh-ShirtI agree with all his criticism of the Tactical T-Rex.  His horse in the background agrees also.


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