You gon’ learn today:

Cool stuff.  I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this type of thing down the road.  Artificial intelligence is definitely the future.

From the description:

“Our neural network has been designed so that it learns to look for potential targets. It highlights it [the target] out of multitude of things it sees. Then, understanding it is a potential target, the neural network can make a decision on how to act,”




“Training”.  *smh* unbelievable… there were like 10+ people in that 2nd video too.  Someone in the comments on my instagram post said it was in Brazil.

Thoughts?  Would “train like you fight” with these Brozilians?


This guy no doubt graduated at the top of his class in clown school:

AHHAHHA my sides… that technique.  So flashy.  I love how with the Glock he derp scans and trex snatchbacks, and with the AK he does that stupid twist flip for no reason at all.

Thoughts?  Would train with?


Oh Man… I think it goes without saying that this guy was fired immediately:

When I opened the vid I knew something stupid was going to happen, I just assumed it would be tame.  NOPE.  Holy I would have got the hell out of there so fast and worried about changing underwear later haha.  Classic how he tries to play it off after while looking red as a damn beet.. talking about the light trigger pull.

I really thought the only thing a person had to worry about at gun rental ranges was the newbs… not instructors.


Gat tip: Chris


I’m always down for a good Hi-Point roast vid:

Hi-Point-Meltheh not bad not bad.  The best part about Hi-Point roasts are the people who come out of the woodwork to defend them.  Cool story if you like them.


Hmmmm problematic on a few levels:

The full size dog thing was also terrifying.  Remember the Christmas video?

0:43 – Uhhhh.  That quick duck under the table was creepy.

0:49 – Whose robot is this? LOL Who let this slide? LOL

1:13 – Hmmm so it puts away dishes and cleans up garbage?  Maybe my mind is being changed haha.

data-startrek1:29 – LOLOLOL this actually happened.  Boston Dynamics is the GOAT for this one.  I bet this robodog will remember this though, and won’t take being embarrassed in front of millions of people on the internet lightly.

2:23 – I think robodog almost glitched, snapped and killed that guy.