This M&P guy kicks it oldschool:

I read the bible verse and wondered if it has any actual batman connection, or if the guy just liked the verse.  Sure enough I googled it and someone wrote an article called What do Isaiah And Batman Have In Common? haha wow I should have known that would exist.  I didn’t even want to google “Isaiah M&P and Multicam Fabric”.

I wonder if he watched the how to install a backstrap video before attempting that feat? 😏



Locs on, 5.11 pants no doubt saggin to the damn ground:

Ooooo that smooth R&B he’s bumpin in the background.  That’s training music fam. Had me like:

2:31 – VODA makes it clear. If you’re a male human his training is NOT specifically for you. For 2019 he is focusing specifically on women. He has a special insight he has that he wants to pass on. Heh, yea I bet. After seeing that linked video I’m 100% convinced this “I’m focusing on women” thing isn’t even the least bit altruistic. He’s doing it to meet women and get paid. Every man has gotta have a hustle. I think all the men in the shooting / training community are onto this guy.

Thoughts? I loved this part (2:10) “If you can hit this *points at Dixie plate laser target on shitty door* you’re gonna be good in any CQC / CQB.” haha yea it’s that easy… you heard it here first from this tactical thought leader folks; laser beams == real steel + stress + movement + noise + recoil etc…

I don’t think you guys know how bad I want to get him into an ENDO logo t-shirt. If he emailed me and was even like, “send me a shirt and I’ll wear it to do some BDSM stuff and post a video on FB, and say how much I hate ENDO” I’d be like “SICKKKKKKKKK what’s the address my man?”


Hey man, nice shot:

haha good shot.  Besides climbing up a wall Batman & Robin style, this is the next best use for these things.

haha typing x products into google, the first suggestion is “x product anti gun”.  Looks like one of the shit head owners of that company said that he believes “gun ownership is a privilege” and some more about gun owner licensing etc.. naturally that blew right up in his face and there was the standard statements released consisting of backpedaling etc.. You can google it if you care, it’s pretty standard but funny.



You gon’ learn today:

Cool stuff.  I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this type of thing down the road.  Artificial intelligence is definitely the future.

From the description:

“Our neural network has been designed so that it learns to look for potential targets. It highlights it [the target] out of multitude of things it sees. Then, understanding it is a potential target, the neural network can make a decision on how to act,”




“Training”.  *smh* unbelievable… there were like 10+ people in that 2nd video too.  Someone in the comments on my instagram post said it was in Brazil.

Thoughts?  Would “train like you fight” with these Brozilians?


This guy no doubt graduated at the top of his class in clown school:

AHHAHHA my sides… that technique.  So flashy.  I love how with the Glock he derp scans and trex snatchbacks, and with the AK he does that stupid twist flip for no reason at all.

Thoughts?  Would train with?