These guys wrote some ai / machine leaning type gun detection software:

Cool… however it’s kind of at the stage where it’s already too late if a gun is out in an active shooter type situation.  I suppose depending on the exact scenario it could provide some much needed warning to save lives.

The decision to not detect guns underneath clothing was a respectable one for numerous reasons, including not playing into the much perpetuated myth that everyone who isn’t law enforcement that carries a gun needs to be accounted for.

5:07 – Interesting how they trained it by pulling frames out of movies and other videos with guns being held in them.  Pretty standard as far as this type of thing goes, but it’s interesting to see it used in the realm of firearms.

8:00 – They get into the fact that the quality of the camera and the speed of the processor are Achilles heels of the system.

Thoughts?  You completely ok with indoor and outdoor cameras, and other systems analyzing everything about you when you’re out in public?  I’m not, and it’s not because I don’t like safety, it’s because mass surveillance is nosy and intrusive.



It’s not April 1st… this video was posted on September 30th.  Beer coolers?  Like… I guess that’s cool?  When I asked for innovation in the gun industry, I wasn’t expecting former industry LeAdErS to pivot to beer coolers.

I never really understood the whole LUXURY COOLER movement.  I guess like anything it was driven mainly by marketing.  As usual I didn’t buy into it, and got a Ozark Trail soft cooler from Walmart a few years ago when I needed a new one.  Shocker of the century, but it’s still functioning perfectly fine doing the hard work of keeping the road LaCroix and SpinDrifts cold.

The 6 pack Knights Armament cooler is $50 and the 12 pack one is $110 over on their website.  I actually thought they would fleece the tactibois for like triple that… the current price is very reasonable.



Brandon, on something very relevant to my interests:

I don’t have a 3D printer yet, but will probably get one someday.  Right now I just can’t see myself having the time between ENDO and some other projects I’m working on… I hate buying stuff that will just sit on a shelf for a long time, and then when I go to use it I’d probably realize that there are units out that are 10x better.  That said, I didn’t realize they were only a couple hundred dollars now.

I’m looking forward to future vids from Brandon on the topic.  I realize there are dozens of YouTubers that have awesome 3d printing videos, but I like the gun angle that Brandon will bring.


The gun store girl said it best – “you should have one, because you can have one”

3:15 – WTF… so this lady is apparently cool with guns, but buys into the whole the AR-15 serves no purpose other than killing people thing.. yea because banning the AR-15 would totally mean a nutcase just wouldn’t use a mini-14 or whatever else instead…. riiiiiiight.

Well, this little segment served its purpose… to make the AR seem scary but not compare it to the hundreds of other guns with a different name that shoot .223/5.56 or something more powerful.



Toot toot Monicas.  WELCOME TO THE GRIP ZONE:

You know I love a good manufacturing / facility vid.

1:32 – By far the best scene… this guy is wearing a Simpsons shirt… he’s at SPRINGFIELD Armory.

1:41 – This scene is highkey scary.  That slowmo walk and 1000yd stare.



Yessss Recoil did me a solid with their review:

You can grab my ENDO Tactical glock stock adapter for $35 if you hit the link.  I like that folding stock they used, and the paracord upgrade for the pin.

You can check out RECOIL’s full buyers guide for stocks for your glock pistol.  A lot of good options… I’m not a hater, I’m a fan of most of those for their own reasons.

On a related note, RECOIL slid into my DMs on Instagram and sent me an awesome pic of a “skunk works” type project they did.  I can’t wait until they post it so I can share it with you fellas.