Oh wow, there is a lot going on here.  Beat is 🔥 though:

LOL some of you guys are going to have an actual brain aneurism after watching it.  I had to Lohan cringe face the

1:07 – Oh damn… we’ll that’s highly problematic.  Do they not know Jeff Cooper and the man’s rules of firearm safety? haha

2:05 – Sweet mother of god he’s wearing tan colored cowboy boots too.

2:36 – No punshier or spartan stickers on the Threep Wrangler.  Would. Not. Drive.

As shocking as this video is, it really has bin dun befo.  Dennis Rodman (the look anyways)… Young Thug (everything).  Kind of old news, but still gets views and hurts feelings though so why not.

Thoughts?  Pretty hilarious how YouTube demonitized gun channels, but will gladly push ads on this guy’s stuff 😂.


The marketing machine fired up and made this “your reality training isn’t realistic” type video:

Neva bin done befo as usual.  This comment by CircaSriYak cracked me up:

I’m fucking sick of this retarded fad of trying to “Out-reality” everybody else. You think you’re that edgy kid preaching truth to power, when really its been done to fucking death.

I’m just sick of hearing “Yeah kid, that’s some awesome skill and solid tactics BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHY YOU DON’T STAND IN A CHANCE IN A “REAL” FIGHT.”

Fuck OFF

Call the burn unit.  Get that Funker man some cold water and prescription ointment.

There are actually quite a few more burns in the comments.  Another favorite of mine is by T Saxondale – “My BS is not as BS as your BS”. ahhaha.

Thoughts?  What’s with the smooth beat in the background with the sexy sax outro?  That Aperture logo is pretty cool.. shield with the camera aperture and “Fight Focused” underneath.


LOL whom’st mans is this:

Good entertainment hehe.  I hear people love that game.


All his videos are now like this:

I’m guessing those blow up pads come with the purchase of 1lb of fittea.  The re-purposing as an unstable shooting platform is something he’s done in the past, but it surprises me every time.

I have no idea why this video or the X-Files background music was necessary… but here we are.  I wonder if he sells those skinny jeans on his website.  Is that knee brace made by Bravo Concealment?

Meh… I’m still missing the days where he did ridiculous shit like suffocate himself and freeze his hands before shooting. I feel like unsubscribing until he brings that type of thing back, because that’s the reason I subscribed in the first place.

Thoughts? You done with this guy’s videos now, or do they still interest you?


This is intense haha:

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Shooters wit da beamz.

They also made this video a while back:

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The youth are wild.  Good entertainment 10/10 would watch again.



I studied the blade for decades, and they have the AUDACITY to dull its edge with pellets.  Very disrespectful:

This video was incredibly anticlimactic… but I suppose that’s what you get when you use a pellet gun.

I always think the “Gav” on his lab coat says “Gay”.. then I go “he he he he” to myself.

I wonder how much SOG paid them for using their knife and for plugging it at the start?

Thoughts (if you have any)? I wonder what the new “high speed camera” will be… by that I mean the new trend. I really thought quadcopter footage would have caught on more than it has seemed to. I’m also wondering if you could mount a high speed camera on a quadcopter and program a flight path in it somehow then get a sick moving slow motion shot.