VERY accurate 😭😂:

I don’t know what else to say about this video but yea.. very accurate.

Did you give your dog a gun related name?

Gat tip: brok3ntoaster91



Oh man using Luniz – I Got 5 On It as the music?  That was also money.

0:21 – A hairdresser somewhere is missing her school practice head.  Maybe Brandon snagged a lady with that Valentine’s day video?



Oregon city, OR… gun and knife people are losing their damn minds.  This is the initial Facebook post, which has since disappeared:

Benchmade made a statement about how the police requested the use of specialty equipment to help destroy guns in alignment with their policies.  Oregon City Police Department, Chief Jim Band made the following statement: “When property is to be destroyed, it is the policy of the Oregon City Police Department to destroy property, including firearms, in accordance to our procedures and ORS. The Oregon City Police Department does not sell firearms.”

People love to be mad at stuff.  This will be swept under the rug in a few days, and no one will even remember.  Frankly it will probably introduce a whole bunch of people to Benchmade through social media shares, and they will gain some new customers… who won’t even remember how they found out about Benchmade in the first place.

Naturally I had to make a meme:

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Oh Benchmade baby no what is you doin?

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Thoughts?  Do you care?  Are you going to take a picture with your iPhone of your NRA hat next to your Benchmade knife sitting on top of your YETI cooler just to stir up the aunties on facebook?


Ugh this is a disaster:

Full story over at the Orlando Sentinel.

The suspect (Laforest Duron Gray Jr.) even used the classic “PULL UP!” on police.  I don’t know how police do it… that guy was basically begging to get shot.  He got off lucky just being bit by the dog.  Well .. lucky in the sense that rather than being dead he faces four first degree attempted murder charges 😬.  People are so dumb… has arguing with the police and trying to verbally intimidate them into doing what you want literally EVER worked for anyone in that type of situation?  “RACHEL COME HERE… RACHEL COME HERE..” Police: “Oh… now calm down please… Just calm down, we’re giving Rachel back to you right now.”  haha, no.



AHOY is back!

MP40 is such a classic.

AHOY always does a nice job with these videos… both the informative voiceover and the graphics.


Brandon doing it for YouTube:

I saw the video was 9min long, and I knew it was going to escalate quickly typical AKGUY style haha.

Good stuff.  Here’s the InRangeTV AK mud test he was talking about.  Holy, 4.9M views on that one.