I feel like these videos are always such a glimpse into the past:

Are they splicing tape at Front Sight?  Are they converting analog to digital?  Are they using Final Cut 0.2?  😂 I’m actually deceased every time I see one of these videos.  I just assume the owner Ignatius Pizza has been repeatedly securing hella bags 💰 since the jump (pure speculation judging by all the google ads I used to see) so naturally I’d expect the promo content to reflect that. It does not.

2:39 – These ladies give the date of the robbery (Feb 22) and holy… ok the video is confirmed 2018. WILD.  I feel like I’m in the matrix.

Yo did any of you guys watch that German thriller “DARK” on netflix?  I feel like if I crawled through the tunnel in the cave I’d end up in the past at Front Sight.  Speaking of which, If I ever attend a halloween party that has gun bros at it, I definitely should rock the front sight fit.  Tan colored head to toe, with the black belt, OWB 1911, black and white surname patch / company name on the pecs… flag with the black border on the right arm.



Flex YUNG SAUER, flex:

Should have started the video with this clip:

Then transitioned to this background music:

Why I don’t already do marketing consulting for all these huge brands, I’ll never know.

Naturally the top rated comment on the sig video is “Don’t drop the pallet :)” LOL… it’s in reference to the P320 debacle, where it discharged when the slide and the back of the frame was hit in some cases.  They have apparently addressed that issue; the M17 is a customized version of the P320.   I’ll never forget how Glock cooked them so good on IG.

Thoughts? The “look how many items I ship” is such a juvenile flex. If you own a brand though, you’ve definitely done it at least once.


I know a lot of you guys hate VICE, but this is pretty good.  I like how real the main VET TV guy (Donny) keeps it:

3:18 – “There are 20,000 users right now that pay $5 per month for access to the content.”  I keep telling people this… it doesn’t matter that YouTube bans certain content… if you have great content you can charge for it, and people will pay.  If you have poor to mediocre content, or even relatively decent content that’s packed full of “SpOnSOrEd” items or messages then people are going to maybe watch it for free but they aren’t going to pay for it.  Rest assured, I’m not going to be putting out quality content anytime soon and charging you piehitters for it.

5:48 – I thought only SEALS wrote books? haha all jokes aside the book sounds awesome.  I don’t know if I’d get a lot of the jokes since I’m not the audience, but I might have to pick up a copy.

21:27 – Holy OK this VICE girl is making this about herself now.  Annoying.  Oh man his response to her is epic “The reality is that we don’t care about the female perspective on this piece” 😂

5 minutes later, the VICE girl is still trying to get one of the VET TV girls to talk shit about Donny and what him and VET TV are doing.  After that she continues to try to put Donny on the spot and trip him up getting him to say something he’ll regret.  The play doesn’t work, and he eloquently answers her.

You can read more on the VET TV website if you’re interested in what they’re offering.

Oh and if you click though to the YouTube comments on the video… “Comments are disabled for this video.”  classic.  I’d put money on that being VICE’s doing, and not at the request of VET TV.

Thoughts?  Are any of you guys subscribed?



A lot of the commentary in this is pretty funny / relatable 😂.


Gat tip: David


New drama alert:

I’m down for a good drama every now and then.  Robert Redford is timeless, so I’ll likely see this one.  It’s like they remade the movie HEAT, for old people.

Sometimes I forget how good old movies are.  I was in San Francisco this past weekend living life, and when I got back I realized I needed to watch Escape From Alcatraz (1979) again.  So good.



This device is new to me:

I don’t do press releases (that’s cringe shit left best to the thirsty blogs), but basically the gist is that the French Ministry of Defense is dropping the FAMAS and replacing it with the HK416 (93,340 units right now) and they are bundling it with a Hornady Rapid Rack device.

My initial impressions are it seems to be simple, and works as advertised.  However… you’re now training guys to use this device rather than just using the weapon as intended – one in the chamber with the safety on.  Also, I wonder if under stress how many guys are going to panic and just pull the trigger while they are getting shot at… wondering why nothing is happening while the rapid rack is in the empty chamber.  Then say they manage to chamber a round.. maybe by that point they could have switched the weapon back to safe while they were fumbling around.  Pull the trigger again and still nothing.  *shrug* what do I know guys?  I’m just thinking out loud.

If you want to pick up a rapid rack, they go for $12.48 on their website.  Such a specific number.  I’m sure there’s some psychology behind that, which I never bothered to pay attention to in school… and instead priced all my t-shirts at $19 like a rube and not some number like $19.23.