Bruthers have an itchy trigger finger:

haha too good.  Can you imagine if they ever played that beep over the speakers at a 5.11 store?



Shipped to the US Army for testing and evaluation:

The hybrid ammo they are showing in the video (two tone cartridges) looks awesome.   They say it delivers a higher pressure, increasing velocity and range with up to 20% weight reduction.  Sounds good to me.

On one hand I’m happy this just had stock symphony music in the background, but other hand I wish they would have made up a heartwarming cringe fan fiction like they do with the TREAD ads 😂.

Thoughts?  Do you have a strong opinion on SIG potentially getting this contract?


Approximately half a dozen members strong in MN:

There you go.  Man, when he says “What’s up?  Yea, with the Boojahideen.”  I absolutely lost it 😂.  Hearing someone enthusiastically say that word out loud is way better than reading it on a screen.

I can tell I’m truly missing an opportunity to be boots on the ground, doing my own interviews.  The content would be incredible.

It’s definitely a double edged sword that these “groups” which pop up have no central membership, vetting, or approval process (all for obvious reasons).  Like there is literally no barrier to entry… well maybe a morale patch if you are real serious about things.

Thoughts? *hits AR-15 grip vape* do people still vape?


Brandon does it for the fellas:

Pro Second Amendment t-shirt at ENDO.  Always good to see Brandon in ENDO.

I skipped this video type in the past, because I assumed that I would have 100% seen all the cursed gun images.  Well, I was wrong… there are a lot in here that are new to me.

3:50 – That cursed Tommy gun is something else 😬😂

4:35 – The titty barrel! ahahahha ok I’ve seen that one, but I haven’t heard it called that before.

8:28 – What the… ok that’s a new one to me also.  WhUT in actual tarnation?  That’s really interesting / a genius idea to use the cheaper lower receiver then blend it with the AR-15 platform.




A new Sniper movie:

It’s the 8th movie in the Sniper series.  Judging by the trailer there will be some entertaining gunplay,  I’ll watch it.

Have you guys been watching more movies since COVID-19 hit?  I find I’m watching about the same.. a couple a month.


For your safe queen AR-15.  Agggghhhhhh make it stop 😩:

I’m outraged that it exists.  The comments that people left on my instagram post above, are priceless.  As a few people said… “Do they make a protector for the brass deflector protector? 🤔”

It’s $5 over at Carolina Laser Works if you want one.  Just please don’t tell me if you bought one 😂.  I have so much respect for all of you right now, I don’t want to spoil that.  The same company makes UID labels, if you’re doing a “clone build” I hear people like those little tags for build accuracy purposes.