I remember way back in one of the earlier Sheepdog fan fictions I wrote, the character said “It’s 5:11 somewhere…” and there’s a dude on IG that quotes that every time I post something really derpy.  It warms my heart haha.

Seriously though, if I didn’t know what 5.11 was I’d have no idea what they were even advertising in that video.  Gucci Glocks maybe?

0:43 – What kind of a psychopath dumps the entire box out then takes a ham fist full of ammo to load a magazine? haha

5.11 is really REALLY doing this whole “lifestyle brand” thing that’s all the craze now. Obviously it’s working. In the winter, every time we drove past the Oceanside 5.11 location on Vista Way I felt a magnetic force trying to pull me in. I resisted.

Thoughts?  Guys I’ve absolutely been swamped trying to finish up some projects I’m working on.  I’ll get back to the regular posting soon hopefully.


haha this is intense:

I’ve only seen people play PUBG online a couple times, so I’m definitely missing a lot of the joke references.  Funny stuff though regardless.

4:46 – haha these Russian bros are just kicking it on the rooftop in their underwear in the snow.


Gat tip: Terry


BIG YIKES fellas… big yikes.  This Kirkland brand Daniel Craig shows you how it’s done.  A protector cover… for something that won TWO WORLD WARS:

ahahha I saw this next promo video after I made that Daniel Craig joke:

Here’s what they look like up close, just so you know.  Let it sink in:

This is one of those things that when a marketing picture was sent to me I was like “Oh hahah man people are really funny with photoshop.”  then I googled it and was floored 😳😭😂.  I shit you not… Ammo Armor makes these for like every single magazine.

Thoughts?  Who’s going to be the first to ACKSHULLY me… talking about how your pockets are literally overflowing with lint because your mom (but you’ll say girlfriend) washes your 5.11 pants with your flannel jammies and her wool socks – and these Ammo armor things will definitely save your life.

I gotta ask though… what if your magazine protector gets damaged?  Does anyone make a rubber shock absorber perhaps to protect the ammo armor?  That’s a free business idea for one of you enterprising piehitters.


Brandon with a dramatic trailer announcing the release of the AK-50 some Monday in May:

Cool, it definitely has been a long time but I’m really glad they never gave up.  I can’t wait to see that thing rip through a whole mag.

I’d be remiss if I never mentioned he was wearing a lot of ENDO t-shirts in the video. 😎



The conference looks VERY interesting:

I can’t get over how good basically everyone who makes gun related videos is on camera… James Reeves, Brandon HerreraLarry Vickers, Colion Noir, the Lucky Gunner guy in this video; Chris Baker to name a few.  It’s crazy natural how good the videos flow, and they are often very conversational, which really helps engage the person watching and keep their attention.

I searched YouTube and it looks like there are some other Tac Con 2019 videos up, and videos from other years.  I’ll have to check those out.



You guys know how much I love “production of” videos 😍😍😍:

0:12 – $200,000,000 production hall.  Wooooo FLEX.

Holy there are a LOT of steps. Damn, Sellier & Bellot is very impressive.

3:20 – Exceptional mullet.  Sellier in the front, Bellot in the back as they say in the Czech Republic.

3:56 – 😲whoa that thing picking up the rounds looks cool, and so smooth!

There’s a factory tour video he did with some different footage and an interview you should make sure to czech out if you already haven’t.