This guy:

Head Sheepdog In Charge always doing the most.  I’m not saying this wouldn’t work, but I am saying with the chaos of real life fight not being in 1/20th speed I don’t know how WELL it would work.   If you could pull that off right out to the draw and shot placement, wow that would be something.   The prosecution would love to see moves that like on CCTV.  “My client watched a lot of YouTube videos your honor.”  Jury: 🤔🤔🤔😳🤔🤢🤔😎🐑😬🤔🤔



So true:

The single tear 😂 … relatable.


0:02 – Holy, this sounds like it’s going to be boring.

0:12 – Ok ok.. some decent “making of” footage so far.  I’m here for it.

0:27 – Damn, I thought the lobby would be more flexy.  Looks like a Holiday Inn Express.

0:33 – Smith really CLOMPING down those stairs.  Catching the cool breeze in the room across his fresh fade.

1:13 – They are really working on minting a bunch of new M&P Bois I see.

1:26 – Wtf is a “HYDROXYL GENERATOR”?  Edit: “hydroxyl generators are used to eliminate odors and break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments”.  I’ll have to look more into that.. sounds a bit snake oil to me.

1:38 – The man said they are working on manufacturing and delivering more pistols, revolvers and rifles today than ANY TIME in their 169 year history.

2:13 – Talk about revealing an “exciting new product”

2:26 – Hell yea, Julie Golob is a queen.

3:23 – The GunSmarts thing sounds really solid.

4:57 – Here we go… a promo video.  These are always fun.

7:29 – It was one of those connect with people through shared experiences and hope type vids.  Predictable, but they did a nice job on it.  I’m always hoping the promo videos will have some random dude who just left a coffee job john-wicking some gang members that try to rob him.  I guess I’ll have to keep waiting and hoping.

7:53 – Since 1852.  That’s definitely impressive.  No disputing that.   Daaaaaaamn Daniel with the epic beard.

11:04 – The new product reveal is the M&P Shield Plus.  Promo vid time.  Good changes I suppose.  I’m really glad I’m not in the review business… my reviews would literally be like 10 seconds long.  I don’t know how some of those YouTubers do it.

14:04 – Man, that is a LOT of text on the slide.  “M&P 9 SHIELD PLUS PERFORMANCE CENTER” then the logo.

I wonder why they choose to use the cringy smith-wesson rather than smithandwesson ?  Neither is great honestly, but the hyphen is deadass the most cringe thing ever.  With all the money they have they should definitely buy SW(.)com off whoever owns it.



Oh this is a system all right..

Ian gets his hands on the craziest stuff hahah.  Someone needs to make an AR-15 version of this.



haha crucial:

This should be a “thing” done with every design.


This company DID NOT call it self “Brown Star Concepts”?!?!?! Unreal..

From the website:

The RapidTac handle offers what other handles do not.  Mounted to any single M-Lok or KeyMod attachment point its angular position can be changed in seconds. Simply twist the handle counterclockwise to unlock it, slide to the desired location and twist clockwise to relock it. This system allows for any angle within 180 degrees left to right, giving you, the shooter, the strongest most efficient shooting platform. Constructed of carbon fiber and 6061 black anodized hard coat aluminum, the RapidTac weighs in at a mere 3.75oz making the RapidTac one of the lightest, most durable foregrips to ever hit the market.

It looks like it works as intended.  I’m a sucker for carbon fiber and anodized aluminum.. so much so I almost wish I cared about impressing people I don’t know so I could spend $100 on this foregrip in an attempt to gain range clout.  That aside, I must be a boomer because my ARs have picatinny quadrails… M-LOK and KeyMod never really interested me.

I’m happy to see they managed to secure the exact match .com for Brown Star Concepts.  I really hope whoever started that knows what they got themselves into with the name 🤣. Kind of a genius marketing maneuver actually.


Gat tip: Lee