It’s really like this:

Had to use tha gawd Royal Nonesuch for the profile pic.  In the picture you’ll see his chest mounted quad barrel slamfire shotgun… I WOULD link to the video, but he took them all off youtube (or got banned, or sold it to Serbu… I don’t really remember.). Anyways here’s a video of him with a single barrel homemade shotgun build he did.  Actually, I did just find a video on 50CalVal’s channel where they are messing around and building it… no shooting footage though.

Royal Nonesuch is wearing the ENDO Brass Bandit t-shirt in the 50calval video.


Gat tip: Robert and the couple others who sent it (I couldn’t find your emails)


Silencerco decided to get into it:

You know I have a soft spot for “making of” videos, however why they are making an AR-15 in 2020 is beyond me.  Like I’ve said numerous times, I just don’t understand how there still could be room in the market for yet another company doing the exact same thing.  So this one is billet and has a Silencerco name and lower-back-tattoo logo on it?  Wheeeeeee *sarcasm*.



Nice promo video:

I’m not big into hunting, but I wasn’t aware that you and your hunting bros just dispersed into the forest and walked around randomly.  Is that how it goes down?  Sounds dangerous, I figured everyone generally stuck together.

One thing I’ll have to say I burst out laughing when I heard is this (embedded at 24 seconds):

ROFL 😂🤣 😬 yea make your “DON’T SHOOT” sound the EXACT same as the sound of a shot timer (which, for those that don’t know signals you to START shooting).  Brilliant, my dudes (NOT).  All that tells me is that someone who is likely more into tech than shooting produced this product.  They literally could have made it any other sound.. a siren, a honk etc..

The unit also looks quite large for being a one-trick-pony.

You can read more about the SysTeM at the Safe Shoot website; $430 for the shooter device, and $370 for the one you can strap on a kid or a dog.

Thoughts?  I foresee that shot timer sound changing REAL quickly.  Why I keep doing this consulting work for free, I’ll never be able to figure out 🤔😂..


haha a lot of facts in this video.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else this guy comes out with.



LOL Vice actually did a segment on them:

0:35 – I know I bring this up from time to time, but I still don’t get the “WE WON’T COMPROMISE” type bravado, when in fact all these guys do on a daily basis is compromise.  The guy directly across from him literally has a what I’m assuming is a semi automatic with a brace on it.

1:37 – I bet there’s a lot of arthritis, high blood pressure and 1911s in that crowd.

1:41 – He said Unorganized Militia 😏 .. a part of history which I also made into a micro-brand and made a cool logo for a long time ago.

2:09 – Like clockwork, yet another brace.

2:51 – “Clean’er up a lil bit” hahaha

4:11 – Fudd gets up on the mic and puts his 90ft long flitlock under his chin as he’s talking.  Nice…

6:19 – He definitely has “big FORD energy”



This 😂:

Reminds me of something I would have done when I was 9 years old.  I’m here for it though, this is epic I hope he keeps coming out with videos like this.

0:25 – Whats the deal with that side shooting to shoulder shooting transition?  Point shooting? Or am I not operator enough to understand? 🤔

If you didn’t catch my “sheepdog rebrand” joke, it was referring to his citizen defender stuff.