Indian BRUTHERS of the BLADE:

Law Enforcement state-side should take notes.  Less MRAPs, more fruit boots on the ground.  You know I had to make a meme up:

Thoughts? 🛼🛼🛼% Sponsor the mf boys, Rollerblade.  Large companies always drop the ball when it comes to once in a lifetime marketing opportunities.  If I ran Rollerblade you better believe I’m ordering up some butter chicken and naan… going to pick it up and then hiring the restaurant guy as my translator to broker a deal with India.  It’s called agility.. that’s how you get things done in this world sWeatie.

Gat tip: @sea_air_thai


If you have a regular bipod you must be poor.  This is the new hotness:

You know I had to do it to em.

Elite Iron is the company that sells the luxury bipods.  The website was confusing (for my pea brain anyways) at first, but once I realized I could scroll to the bottom of any one of those pages and configure what I wanted then was smooth sailing.  Here’s a more in depth (non meme) video about the bipod:

I don’t even shoot much, and I basically need this thing now, in order to feel like I’m living my best life.



Two versions… the FDP-9 (Folding Defensive Pistol) and the FDC-9 (Folding Defensive Carbine).

Big link. Magpul 🤝 Zev Technologies to make the magic happen; you love to see it.  I’ve been thinking of this gun (along with everyone else) since the 2008 SHOT SHOW… I’m actually surprised it’s taking them this long to do, since I can’t even remember the last time the entire internet was so hyped over something.  Oh well it’s happening now (well, the year 2022) so that’s good to see.  If you weren’t born yet, or were too young to remember the 2008 SHOT video they previewed on the TV in the above promo, here it is:

Walk your dog, take the garbage out, get the mail… haha timeless.

If you click the Magpul link above it goes into the legality of the setup.

Thoughts? I should also mention that if you’re looking to put an AR-15 brace or stock on your Glock, I’ve been making my stock adapter for the Glock (GEN 1,2,3) for years now. Will I ever come out with the GEN4/5? Maybe. I’ve had the prototype done for ages.


Rich Graham with some sound advice:

When I hit play on the video I was crossing my fingers he was going to touch on this… and oh did he ever haha.  Demonstration and all!

The multicam pants with the burnt orange puffer + the olive beanie is a real look he’s serving.  I’m not mad at it.



I knew this wasn’t going to be “positive” since it’s a VICE video:

Tough jobs requiring tough decisions when you’re dealing with war.  I’ve seen similar pieces on drone operators, and it always surprises me that it’s almost like they initially assumed they would be exempt from PTSD since they’re not up close to the death and destruction.

I don’t like to get political on this blog (mainly because it’s not something I think a lot about), but I always find it interesting how democrats and Obama enthusiast-cheerleaders in general fully sweep the whole “King of drone strikes” title under the rug like it never happened.

I can sympathize with this guy in the video, however it’s not like he was in a prison camp being forced at gunpoint to fly drones.  Plenty of jobs available in and outside the military that don’t have all that potential for emotional baggage attached.



Looking cool is paramount:

1:53 – What plate carrier is that?  Is it some new high speed one all the operators use?  It looks fancy.  I can’t tell what that logo on the top of it is.  UPDATE: Never mind, got it. I turned on 4k and could read Husar Ltd

4:34 – This next segment is very real.  Instagram shooters love doing stuff like this.

That range they shoot at looks badass on video.  I hope the ventilation is good enough though, you can get pretty sick if the lead and burnt powder isn’t being removed from the air.