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Yesterday’s 24 hour 5.11 giveaway was for the awesome ATAC L1 tactical flashlight pictured left. The number nerds over at told me to bestow this lovely gift upon: #54128 – Brice By request, although completely unrelated to the randomness of the win, his/her comment was: The darkness is why this light exists. Congrats Brice, i’ll […]

My buddies over at 5.11 Tactical want to shine some light into the darkness that one of you lucky readers operates in, with an ATAC™ L1 Tactical Flashlight. The L1 is a powerful compact product with industry leading performance for a single Lithium battery power source. Powered by (1) CR123A battery the ATAC™ L1 Tactical […]

I ran a giveaway from 5.11 Tactical yesterday for the choice of one of their sweet tactical knives. A quick post-midnight trip to says that the winner is: #53912 – Adam G. Congrats Adam, i’ll be dropping you an email any minute now.  Everyone else, you still have numerous days left to win some gear from […]

All week, the awesome people over at 5.11 Tactical are hooking up lucky readers with some sweet gear.   In case you didn’t already know, 5.11 creates superior products for law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. Giveaway #1 is your choice of ONE of these three blades: Scout Folding Knife AUS 8 blade steel 3.5 flat […]

It started out as a April Fools joke and became a reality: $60 over at 5.11.  It’s a pre-order right now, shipping September 1st. Order yours up today! 5.11 gave a ton of stuff away here on the blog a couple weeks ago… maybe they would want to give a few kilts away?  I’ll look […]

See you in a bit, I’m headed to AutoZone!” exclaimed Jared to his fiance Karen. “Didn’t you already get the Punisher decals and that huge chrome Calvin urinating on the Toyota symbol last week?” she replied. “Hell yeah I did, I gotta upgrade to the racing brake pads though… for safety” he barely managed to […]