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Steve, Just because “I Like Guns” was a moderate internet success, it doesn’t mean you have to beat a dead horse and make EVERY SONG you sing about guns, and to drag your whole family into it too… Don’t believe me? Here’s his album track list: I Like Guns The Shoot Out Time To Get […]

[youtube][/youtube] I posted about Steve Lee a couple of times in the past (HERE and HERE) because of his “I Like Guns” song. This video and song has a different tone to it though.  Steve seems VERY sedated in this one … Maybe those oppressive Australian gun laws are getting the best of him? I […]

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube] Questionable trigger and muzzle control on behalf of the guy that is getting the guns handed to him. I don’t even like to be swept with toy guns, never mind real ones.  The song sounds good though. Check out the original music video – HERE

A cool bit of history: This was a letter to his Lawyer Edward Rubin.  It was found out that McQueen was on Charles Manson’s ‘Death List’ along with Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Tom Jones.  Steve reportedly carried a gun everywhere after Manson’s followers murdered his friend, actress Sharon Tate.  I watched a few documentaries on […]

Just because you own a musical instrument and/or have the ability to speak doesn’t mean you should subject the world to your “music”: LOL oh man that’s so bad, I feel like a bad person just posting it.  That said, according to the YouTube description this guy has a “CD on Politics” where this song […]

1996 in Australia: Oh wow what a heartbreaking video.  This was a kneejerk reaction to the Port Arthur massacre mass shooting, where 35 people were killed and 23 wounded.  Terrible occurrence, but not a good reason to punish the entire population. When is Australia going to pass the Steve Lee amendment, making it illegal for […]