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Pretty awkward, but if you like their vids it’s worth the watch: If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea who they are, check out their youtube channel – HERE

Jon Favreau is pretty awesome.  I want his semi in a briefcase thing!  I’d also take FreddieW’s arm cannon too, that thing packs a punch. If you haven’t already figured out why Jon Favreau is in the video, it’s basically a promo for the new movie he directed called Cowboys & Aliens, based off the […]

Freddiew speaks on the airshit he uses: Why not hey?  Most of these look decently real from a distance. Plus, he ads in those killer after effects in every video anyway. Check the end for his test of the “21 foot rule”

This one irritated me. Not only were the claymores wireless, but there were some big continuity issues with them appearing and reappearing, changing spots etc… Don’t even get me started on the fact the effect they had on the bad guys was minimal. There were also other sloppy things that annoyed me, such as at […]

I liked the “raining guns part” once I got over the initial shock of seeing them hit the concrete. The guy Freddie is with is from a YouTube channel called Epic Meal Time.  The food they make is epic, and always tens of thousands of calories.  The production value is high, and so is the […]

Every gunshot and explosion from freddiew’s videos from 2010, edited together in a rapid-fire montage. Epic.