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Important to the culture: haha epic. Gat tip: SayUncle

As a website, BuzzFeed is annoying.  This is alright though: Looks like fun.  Those BuzzFeed people actually did a lot better than I expected. Thoughts?

Corridor Digital always delivers: This is pretty good. The video doesn’t really have a resolution of any type, but I like all the fancy NERF gun handling.  I haven’t seen John Wick 2 yet, but it’s on the list. Thoughts?

It’s lit.  My dude shreds it up.  This is supposedly training for John Wick II: Taran Butler trains him. 0:24 even that tactical reload was buttery. My reaction (it is a working video even though there’s no still): Thoughts?  Would operaaa…. nm, yea you would. Gat tip: goteamwester, Jerry, Maison

Keanu Reeves and some gunplay: hahha @ 1:27, are those dual Walther P22’s (.22LR) with the “compensators” LOL thats such a derpy thing to put on a 22?  Longer sight radius would be a bit nicer I suppose: I see Keanu’s acting still is the exact same. 1:34 dat KEL-TEC KSG: 1:48 – No slide […]