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The police report – HERE Damn :( only 36 years old.  Not that much older than me…  I didn’t know the guy, but from the YouTube videos I saw him in, and the things I read about him he seemed like a class act. My condolences to his friends and family.  I hope they are able to […]

A visually stunning DVD with tips, tricks, and techniques etc…: Maybe I just drank too much coffee this morning, but my heart was racing after watching the vid.  If you’re into 3 gun and want to step your game up, this looks like it would be worth buying/watching.  I was somewhat disappointed because initially When […]

Noveske, for operators who operate in operations: Things I learned from the video: Noveske takes tight tolerances and quality control very seriously I like building my own rifles, but I could never do that for a living… no room for creativity and too repetitive Several girls with good senses of humor work there Said girls […]

Noveske went full-ween: I missed posting this for actual Halloween… oh wait I see so did Noveske haha (Nov 1st post date on YouTube). Do people still comment stupid things like “GoT a Purrmit For THoSe SbRs SOn?” when you show up to your shooting spot braced out?  I remember that comment was all the […]

Noveske x OAF Nation.  This is cool: Awesome.  A few of these girls had wedding rings on which I thought was kind of funny for such a video.  I would have bought 18 rifles, but since the girls aren’t single I’m buying ZERO rifles in protest. haha :P I really would have thought the AR-15 […]

Coming out of Finland: Would operate with Finnish paintball girls. Whoa, putting knobby off-road style tires on a street bike look both terrifying and like the best idea I’ve ever seen!  The bike is a Suzuki GSX-R 1000. To see some more off road riding with that same bike, they put up another vid you […]