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Moms doing 2nd Amendment mom stuff: Sure why not.  Beats watching DaNYo DeFeNSe’s weakass ads about nothing.  No one is really putting out any worthwhile products or promoting anything interesting nowadays it seems.  Is the industry in a slump?  Are people even buying new AR-15s anymore?  There has to be like 10 AR-15s for every […]

Purely for shits and giggles: What’s not to like?  I enjoy when companies don’t take themselves too seriously. You can check out their website if you’re feeling in a spending mood and you want something badass.

The police report – HERE Damn :( only 36 years old.  Not that much older than me…  I didn’t know the guy, but from the YouTube videos I saw him in, and the things I read about him he seemed like a class act. My condolences to his friends and family.  I hope they are able to […]

A visually stunning DVD with tips, tricks, and techniques etc…: Maybe I just drank too much coffee this morning, but my heart was racing after watching the vid.  If you’re into 3 gun and want to step your game up, this looks like it would be worth buying/watching.  I was somewhat disappointed because initially When […]

Noveske, for operators who operate in operations: Things I learned from the video: Noveske takes tight tolerances and quality control very seriously I like building my own rifles, but I could never do that for a living… no room for creativity and too repetitive Several girls with good senses of humor work there Said girls […]

Noveske went full-ween: I missed posting this for actual Halloween… oh wait I see so did Noveske haha (Nov 1st post date on YouTube). Do people still comment stupid things like “GoT a Purrmit For THoSe SbRs SOn?” when you show up to your shooting spot braced out?  I remember that comment was all the […]