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People keep telling me Ricky Gervais is so funny… I guess I just haven’t seen the good stuff with him: My opologies the only “cut” video I could find was recorded with a ham sandwich dipped in Vaseline. ha ha ha.   I really wish the Right to Bear Kinder Eggs (RBKE) was reinstated. Apparently […]

ENDO blog reader Piers Morgan v.s. Washington Times pro-gun journalist Emily Miller: 1:15 – Piers asks “Why would you prefer to shoot him?” (rather than talk a thug down again like Emily Miller did the first time) 1:36 – Oh Piers… comparing the USA to “other countries” again, then putting value on someones life who wants […]

ENDO Blog reader Piers Morgan asks some tough questions: Wow that Michael Hill kid sounds messed up.  I can’t even imagine. What’s “the system” supposed to do?  Difficult question for sure. 6:12 – Gun talk starts here.  The brother definitely isn’t for strengthening current laws, he acknowledged that criminals don’t follow the law.  Refreshing.  He […]

ENDO Blog reader Piers Morgan, being Piers Morgan: The other guy in the video is Breitbart columnist AWR Hawkins. 2:22 – I love how Piers avoids the question about his wife to being able to protect herself, then flips it to a story about Adam Lanza’s mom. HA at Virginia having the highest murder rate […]

A 9 year old fellow countryman of Piers’, putting some lead down range: Posted for no other reason than this kid is 9, British, and getting a taste of America while he’s here on Vacation.  Will he be allowed to tell his friends about the guns he shot when he goes back to school in […]

Piers Morgan shows ENDO some love through a tweet a couple days ago in some back and forth he had with female Washington Times gun loving badass Emily Miller: The initial tweet which sparked the twitter debate: Today is 'Bring Your Gun To @Starbucks ' day in the U.S – holster up your AR-15 and […]