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The fact this post was seemingly “CoNtrOveRsiAL” on instagram was surprising to me: View this post on Instagram TrAin Like YoU FiGht. MESS AROUND AND THE TREADMILL WILL TAKE YOU TO SCHOOL BRUTHER. 📝📝📝% Drop you off in the pylons, kiss you on the cheek, give you your lunch, and send you to class Sheepdog. […]

Funker Tactical has some content: It’s true.  They say the if your blog has “gun reviews” you get 1.6billion times more visitors than if it doesn’t.  Researching ‘why?’ sounds a lot like work, but I’m guessing because normies search google for cringey stuff like “Sig Sauer Tread Review” and “Taurus TX Review” etc.  Lucky I […]

📁 – gun_products_with_magnets |- 📁 nevabindunbefo Oh wow 🤔… a belt clip with a long magnet that you shove in your pants and stick a gun to.  *slow clap* Now you can incorporate a magnet into your brilliant Mexican carry.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong? This came to me as a mass email which I’m assuming was […]

This made me go “hehe”: I’m just glad 5.11 can do cute little videos like this and not take themselves too seriously.  Maybe I’m the only one that finds this type of marketing a bit refreshing though?  Most other gun related brands keep trying to convince me what an ALPHA SHEEPDOG I’ll be if I […]

Trevor took a short walk from his front porch and stood in the morning shadows of the douglas fir in his front yard to check the weather. He slowly grazed the calloused forefinger of his right hand back and forth across the debossed lettering on his outside the waistband Savoy Leather holster; “HAVE NO FEAR […]

To recognize the shape of a gun… oh and of course to save the children… and it’s about to be a Kickstarter: You can head over to the GunDetect website to read more, but here is a summary: The Deep Learning software which GunDetect uses is “trained” by software analysis of many thousands of images that […]