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I can tell Sig definitely expects us all to yell out the standard “Hell Ya BrUther” at some point while watching the video: Yea they seriously called this new AR-15 they are pushing the “Tread”.  Hitting us with that long snake USA flag logo.  Man, the pie hitters are going to love this one. Oh […]

For tools.  I mean… wrist tools: 0:15 – Lake Minnetonka :P 0:20 – Tricky tricky Leatherman… “Here in the kitchen…” and I was like OH NO THEY DIDNT LOL… then I saw she had tools, so it was like a role reversal messing with gender norms.  Well played gentlemen…. uh I mean people. 1:14 – […]

A new cartoon about the constitution, with this particular episode about the 2nd amendment: LOL surprisingly good.  If you can’t take jokes poking at gun owner stereotypes, and don’t like SouthPark style humor you’re not going to find it funny though. If you click through to the Fox Bros. Studios YouTube channel there are two more […]

Says Natalie who is pissed at the way some guys treat women who are into shooting, recreational and otherwise: Is it gay that I thought “Damn MrColionNoir would look badass with that hair!”?  Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that. LOL contrast hair is so cutting edge… like when Asians rock the blond how they do. […]

AaargoJay takes a look: Summary: If we want infinity round magazines, or 1 round magazines we should have the choice. Jay is wearing the Standard Capacity 30 Rounds T-Shirt from ENDO.  It’s got that slick “football numbers” back print on it he shows at the end of the video, which people really seem to be liking. […]

Meat America, F**k yeah: A book covering the American spirit through meat, by photographer Dominic Episcopo: At a time when America is searching to define its values and trying to uncover the inspiration of what it means to be uniquely ‘American’, we need a manifesto! And it would make sense that it should be carved […]