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“It’s a psychological ting” (dudes be like “Mike put that on a shirt!” haha): According to the title he felt he had to “Re-articulate” the original Shadow Carry explanation.  I’m just thrilled to be born in the same century as this though leader.  Imagine explaining VODA content to your grandchildren, and them explaining it to […]

The “Inverted Clearing Option” or ICO as he dubs it: Man VODA is high speed.  So knowledgeable too.. just when I think the industry isn’t at a standstill he’s TM’ing terms and inventing methods.  Inspirational.  One of the great shooting minds of our time. 0:01 – Talking about how he had a brief conversation with […]

Mans a bit late on this, since the temple index craze definitely already passed: He has more control up high, than down low apparently. haha cool stuff bro, I have big hopes for VODA bringing the derp content HEAVY all thought 2019. Oh man they are roasting him in his YouTube comments, as expected. Thoughts?

Locs on, 5.11 pants no doubt saggin to the damn ground: Ooooo that smooth R&B he’s bumpin in the background.  That’s training music fam. Had me like: 2:31 – VODA makes it clear. If you’re a male human his training is NOT specifically for you. For 2019 he is focusing specifically on women. He has […]

Talking BDSM, sexual contracts, and his work in the adult entertainment industry. Ugh.. GENTLEMEN THIS IS NOT A DRILL: BDSM Slaves and Submissive’s. I’m sorry I can’t be with just a “Regular Woman”. Join the Syn Sity group. Posted by Lucien R. Black on Sunday, October 28, 2018   I’m sorry guys… I’m sorry.  The entire […]

Looks like all his videos are back online, and he’s stoking the content dumpster fire once again: That’s some good-ass content.  Not only did I love the tactical horse stance, but I also enjoyed the fact he fired the video up on his own facebook account, then recorded the screen on his phone.  That’s stuff […]