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He didn’t TM it this time, but he calls it the “ON/OFF-SET Technique”: Damn, he really loves to hear himself talk.  I’ve been pretty busy hiking and biking this summer, so I’ve missed a lot of the CoNTeNT to post on here… I’m going to try and catch up though.  I’m really glad to see […]

He’s an authority on this topic guys: heh this guy.  The Fakemaican accent fades in and out throughout the video, so that’s always a bonus. For some added humor in this post, if you follow VODA you’ll notice that he’s been rocking RR21 shirts a lot lately.  I hadn’t heard of them before VODA, but […]

Yikes, guys… BIG YIKES: “Working on shooting mechanics” is what he calls the video.  It’s basically 17 minutes of him trying to impress those two ladies, all while having them “shoot” him with the laser trainers.  He has a real handgun he points at them during all of this because he’s a professional. 2:58 – […]

Soooo high-speed: Please sir may I have another?  Ugggggggh where does VODA get these guys to “collab” with him on a video?  Is like they don’t have internet access or google. I wonder who’s going to recognize that range and get them banned? haha The RR21 guy’s shirt you can see at 0:02 seconds in […]

“It’s a psychological ting” (dudes be like “Mike put that on a shirt!” haha): According to the title he felt he had to “Re-articulate” the original Shadow Carry explanation.  I’m just thrilled to be born in the same century as this though leader.  Imagine explaining VODA content to your grandchildren, and them explaining it to […]

The “Inverted Clearing Option” or ICO as he dubs it: Man VODA is high speed.  So knowledgeable too.. just when I think the industry isn’t at a standstill he’s TM’ing terms and inventing methods.  Inspirational.  One of the great shooting minds of our time. 0:01 – Talking about how he had a brief conversation with […]