USCCA made a “training” infomercial:

haha all the stereotypical range operator stuff I poke fun at.  Pure gold.  If you have an instagram page and you post videos of yourself shooting you best be hitting all these points or you’ll not be taken seriously as an instagram operator.  Don’t ever expect to land that much coveted rubber dummy sponsorship, or ever get a shot at being a brand thotbassator.

4:06 – Oh shit, she threw up the✌️ to see if mans was paying attention.  He was. No “no-look” derp scan for him. He looked.

Please someone show me a gun fight video where someone does this shit and I’ll quit making fun of it.  Actually I probably wont, but regardless I’d like to see a video.

Thoughts? You disappointed he didn’t rack the slide 14 times after doing the drill? I was.


Oh shit! 🚨🚨🚨

haha I’m already hooked watching the intro, when he fires and his hair gets blown back as slimer goes inside the 2L and blasts off.

The guy is basically a sciency Royal Nonesuch.  Hopefully Mark Serbu doesn’t buy his channel out just to shut him down. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. haha

It’s so cool that you can see the flame travel through the tube even at regular filming speed.

Someone really should make one of these things with all AR-15 furniture, and a badass receiver to hold everything.

LOL that guy’s bird is amazing looking, and so is his little harness.



Kalashnikov Concern does not give a single shit about any “Safety Sallys”:

Holy, this hold video my butthole clench and my face do this 😬.  Yea I get it, these guys are “operators”… I still don’t see the point though.  This basically just amounts to being a “flex for the ‘gram”… as in showing off for Instagram etc.

0:40 – This one was definitely in the top 3 for cringiest.  Oh wow.  So you’re really going to put a guy (who you can’t really see) behind the the target… and shoot at weird angles.  Hmmmm. 🤔

0:47 – AHHHHHHH two shots to the vest on his chest.

It’s hard to tell on camera, but some of those rounds don’t sound too loud so I’m hoping they are maybe all simunition.

1:38 – Uhhhhh maybe none of them are simuntion rounds because at this timestamp they are actually shooting at eachother from behind a barricade and it’s ripping away chunks of the wall.  I love how there’s an audience there too haha.

2:07 – haha they pop a little quadcopter up to see the guy behind the wall so they can proceed to hose him.

There is some more stunting in this video by them from August as well:

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  There’s always a trickle down effect with these videos, which I’m looking forward too.  I bet in the next few months we’ll really start to see the usual derpy guys on instagram really step their game up and throw caution to the wind for likes.


EOtech doesn’t have a worry in the world.  This new post-recall chill EOtech released a fidget spinner:

In two colors guys!  $6.95 on their website.

I still think my go-to autism suppression device is the ARFCOM AR-15 bolt face spinner.  That would definitely get my clout up more than this rebranded generic one.

Thoughts?  Are you pissed off that companies are thinking these things are “trendy”, when in reality they are meant to help people?

Wow, the fidget spinner situation on Amazon is intense.  What a race to the bottom.

Gat tip: @terrythetali


I post this type of video every now and then.  People sure lose a lot of stuff in rivers:

I started the video embed at the exact time he secures the bag (Future reference haha some of you might have caught).

4:44 – He pulls the gun out.  I’m absolutely flabbergasted that a 1911 was able to stay under water for presumably more than 10 seconds and not be a pile of rust.

9:38 – Will the police department really destroy the gun after 30 days if someone doesn’t claim it?  If so, that’s weak.  You think they would at least give the guy who went out of his way to report it, a couple days or so to pick it up if he wanted it.  At least he got to keep the watch for his trouble. I actually wouldn’t mind a watch like that for hiking. I was thinking about picking up a Suunto Core at some point for that… although it’s been kind of nice that this summer I didn’t get the ridiculous tan line I normally do when I wear a watch hiking.

For entertainment purposes I really wish that bag would have had 🍰🍰🍰% paraphernalia and patches all over it.  The kimber could have definitely used a punisher skull and some Molon Labe too for added humor.


Gat tip: Matthew


These promo videos they make are always interesting:

I’m like 1 minute into the video and they are really trying to sell me on the drinking + guns thing. Ok….

1:36 – Smoking and filling up with fuel?  Yea sure it looks fake / staged, but now they’re just trolling.

Hmmmm whatever *shrug*.  Is buying physical calendars with girls on them still a thing people do in 2017?  You buying one?

They are $17 on the Hot Shots website if you’re interested.