The Luigis over at Beretta spazzed out:

I’m not a fan of this.  Yea sure the engraving is quite impressive (from a distance anyways).  Honestly I thought it would better in those closeup shots… kinda looked like rough ass though.

Why on earth would you do this to such a beautiful watch?

Also, is there some sort of rule now, that if you modify the appearance of a Rolex you have to remove their logo?  I say this because obviously it’s missing in the video… plus for some reason I see that Bamford Watch Department appears to not even customize Rolexes any longer… weird because that was initially what they were known for.  Ah yea, I just googled it and it looks like it was their choice to stop customizing Rolexes.  Oh well, I wasn’t planning on getting one of theirs ever… way too much markup and the design is perfect in my opinion already anyways.



LOL this… he hits us with the backwards roll.  Just a little finesse for your ass on this fine Saturday:

Man that Humvee is on point though.  No doors is such a flex… also I’m really digging that spray can camo job.  It’s like the least pretentious thing on earth, and at the same time also the most pretentious thing on earth.

Oh shit, and at the end of the video he wilds out on the scan.  We see just shy of the full 360, but it’s still amazing.

Me and Rich Graham’s mom: “You’re doing amazing sweetie”

Thoughts?  Would do one of these supine engagement options?  Rich Graham has a bit of a history on this blog haha.



From the video description if you click through:

The issue was that the retaining safety pin walked out about 1/8” during shooting. We want to a dry fire portion of the class and the pin had walked out just enough that when it had rubbed against the tight tolerance of his kydex holster, it depresses the trigger.

🤔😬 damn.  NOT ideal. Whether the trigger is the issue or not, piehitters LOVE filling their guns up with tons of the latest aftermarket internal stuff. I’m sure the stock trigger is just fine for 99.9% of the world but NOOOOOOO, you had to stunt on all your friends and even buy the whole $260 kit because money grows on trees apparently. That’s piehitter economics for you though.

Hunter on facebook posted an interesting screen cap which happens at around the 14 second mark:

Trigger problem? Or piece of shit holster problem? You be the judge.

Thoughts?  You running a Titanium firing pin too brAh?  What about a carbon fiber Punisher slide plate?  A unobtanium forged in Mordor barrel? Skeletonized rounds?

Gat tip: Chris


Man this show is painful, but the segment went better than expected:

We already knew Kim was anti gun… she’s a spokeswoman for “Everytown For Gun Safety’.  The last half of the clip she obviously gets up on her soapbox.  It must be so amazing to have armed security looking after you all the time… not to mention other assistants doing pretty much everything else so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.  I commend Kendall and Khloe for not being like Kim.  Naturally this little segment was probably scripted to stir up a little something for ratings… either way though we’ve seen Kendal and Khloe go shooting in the past so I assume they are actually cool with it.  Good for them!  If you have stalkers and other creeps who would try and do god knows what, it’s definitely a good deterrent or at least a good skill to have.

This appears to be a clip from the same episode, where they actually go to Taran Butler’s range:

haha man, those white lightening tour de france type sponsorship shirts Taran always wears slay me every time. 😂

The above clip seems to have been cut off since it was just a teaser, so I don’t know how the Kendall part turned out.  Meh, I’m not losing any sleep over it.  I hope those girls do go buy something nice, and then brag to Kim about it.

Thoughts?  You as excited as I am for the new Kanye album hopefully coming soon?

You mad that they can probably get permits to conceal carry in California and you can’t?


Early model in some kydex:

Draco season 🍂. Pull up 🚗💨💨💨 with something vintage. 📷@nsrtactical via @lord_adamar

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hahah imagine…


hahah this is awesome:

Same guy (Captain Gimli) as the awesome “Train like you fight” video I posted a few days ago.

Good stuff… good stuff.  Thoughts?