OH SHIT, this is awesome:

Daaaaaaaaaamn, I’m really feeling that olive drab colorway.  And to think I was saying I’d never build another AR 🤔🤔🤔.

I highly recommend you purchase an AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt first, then go pick up the retro components at Brownells.  I try not to shoehorn product mentions in too often, but when it works it works you know?

Thoughts?  You excited about this, or is it not really your thing?


Oh wow… once again the industry is BACK 👏 ON 👏 ITS 👏 BULLSHIT:

$49 over at Medieval Metals.  Oh wow, the site says the spikes are a “non lethal deterrent”… yea a deterrent from having a properly functioning hand once you injure it, and a deterrent from the touch of a female amirite fellas?

Thoughts?  Would purchase and hammer meat with?

Oh man… the only other products on the Medieval Metals website are “Spinner” related 😂.  If I ever get autism I’ll have to pick one of theirs up… the quality looks one hunnid.


Talk shit, get hit… from this 3 round magazine 😂:

What you’re looking is a special functional mini magazine for the AR-15 which you can store inside a grip.  MagnetoSpeed makes both the grip and the magazine.  There are a lot of easy “definitely legal in California” (for now) jokes that could be made haha.

MagnetoSpeed is selling the mags for $8.75 and the grip for $25.50 in their store website.

Thoughts?  You going to purchase several for various potential SHTF scenarios your brain cooked up?  I know some of you are probably thinking “Hey I could easily keister that, for a surprise EXTRA three rounds which I could need in the most WROL of all WROL TEOTWAWKI scenarios”.  Nah bro… nah… keep that shit to yourself, please. 😂


Come thru. Oakleys, mullet, and Bravo Concealment on deck fam:

Just a chill 16 minutes worth of questions at some random bus station somewhere.  Seems like a smart / hard working guy.  Sure a lot of the videos he puts out now are just ridiculous and provide no real value, but they are fun to watch and poke fun at… and they serve the purpose of marketing his skills so mission accomplished on his part.

Funker Tactical didn’t ask the most important question… the one about when his “Feels like I’m wearing ZERO” tactical yoga pants are coming out. *cue the sexy flanders pic*

Thoughts?  We need more casual videos like this with some of the popular guys in the industry.


Mattv2009 footage over the hit freestyle:

If you’re not familiar with the UK freestyle that went viral, it’s pretty epic.  Here it is:

Oh and I posted a related meme on my Instagram page a few days ago, if you want to check it out.

What are this guy’s rap qualifications? haha

Thoughts?  Would buy his album, or stream on Spotify? 😂

Gat tip: Double?


This is the type of thing that keeps me up at night:

Hmmmm… 🤔 I’m torn on that one.  I’ll have to give it some more thought.  I’m leaning toward the bottom one though, because it’s more anthropomorphic with the two arm like extensions, and a face area.

Any thoughts fellas?

Gat tip: AR15SafeSpace