This man:

Here he’s at a convenience store and he shows the video to a cop 🤔😬:

Obviously that’s not the full video, but the police officer doesn’t seem impressed.

oh god… he recently bought a Taurus judge:

Thoughts?  Do you in fact ride more strapped than him? I doubt it. ;)


I always have an open mind with these, but I have a feeling this is going to be a wild ride.. I’m going to be doing my usual “live blogging” on the timestamps below:

0:13 – Criticizing the kid for running 1 mile in 7:55.  “That’s slow”.  Says the guy who looks like he would actually die before completing a mile at any greater than a semi-brisk walk.  I’ll give him a pass though on this one and chalk it up as fatherly encouragement.

0:50 – LOL the political talk starts and the kid says “here we go again”.  Pure gold.

0:56 – “BLOODAGENT III%” tattooed on his forearm.  Now this documentary has my attention.

Oh man I wouldn’t be able to type fast enough to document all that’s going on here during the III% intro.

The guy says “These are patriots that are not going to have their rights infringed upon”


This is always why I’m confused with the “III% movement”.  Their rights are all ready being infringed upon, and have been infringed upon for decades.  They seem to choose to ignore that though, and I just don’t get it.  If anyone can explain that to me, I would really be grateful.  I’m not trying to be cute, I truly just don’t get it because it seems to me like they are bluffing AND are continuously being caught in that bluff because of the contradiction between what they talk about and what they do / how they live.

2:26 – “Chris Hill / General Holy War / Blood Agent” 🤔 “General, Georgia III% Security Force

2:33 – “I am definitely pro constitutional carry”.  I’m willing to bet he paid $75 to the Georgia government for a firearms license.  Anyone else?

4:02 – Once a month, Chris and his group get together for field training exercises (FTXs)

4:07 – You got to be kidding… a thing blue line flag?  That’s rich in the context of this video.

5:10 – “LT. Boogieman”.  Cute.

5:45 – If you’re talking about Obama, you HAVE TO (now this is crucial) say his middle name HUSSEIN.  It must be in their handbook.

6:13 – Thin blue line sticker on the truck

6:19 – “CPL. Harley Quinn”.  Another cute nickname.  Now I’m wondering if they broke the cardinal rule of nicknames and gave them to themselves… or did another group member give them the nickname?

6:28 – She got a concealed weapons permit.  Again, I thought the 2nd amendment was the only permit the III% needed?  🤔

7:05 – Please tell me that forearm tattoo is of a pie, with 3 slices missing.  Also, I know this guy is just dicking around.. but the rear sight is flipped down.

9:25 – What’s the point of having that scope on such a high riser?

11:12 – There’s the talk again about not yielding or backing down.  That’s his threat / promise.

11:48 – “It’s going to be some High Speed Low Drag training”

Their LARPing looks fun.  These videos hurt their cause more than help it though if you ask me.  Going off what I see in the videos, in order to be any sort of credible force though I think they need A LOT more work.

21:20 – Interesting that there is infighting within the 3% movement… where groups splinter and branch off to form their own.  This is exactly what I mean about not being a credible force, if they can’t even get along with each other.

21:51 – Ooooof that’s not good PR when one of your members gets a pic taken of him beating a black counter protester and it goes viral.

23:43 – Oh man I wonder if he requested a do-over at the end?  He dropped that sick catch phrase then dropped the hammer on an empty chamber.  That’s gotta sting.


Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it in


Beep boop beep 🤖 I’m Gabby Giffords:

1:04 – “Last year alone, 36,000 Americans, died from gun violence” -Mark Kelly.  W-R-O-N-G.  Do we really have to go over this shit every time?  It’s truly exhausting when they try and act like that figure is ALL murders, and not mainly suicides (normally over half are suicides), accidental/negligent gun deaths etc..

Here is the official CDC (center for disease control) final data for 2014 showing 33,594 firearm deaths.  BUT this is what that number consists of:

Firearm—In 2014, 33,594 persons died from firearm injuries in the United States (Tables 18 and 19), accounting for 16.8% of all injury deaths in that year. The age-adjusted death rate from firearm injuries (all intents) did not change significantly in 2014 from 2013. The two major component causes of firearm injury deaths in 2014 were suicide (63.7%) and homicide (32.8%). The age-adjusted death rate for firearm homicide decreased 2.8%, from 3.6 in 2013 to 3.5 in 2014. The rate for firearm suicide did not change.

I don’t know why all anti-gun groups do this… it’s like the honest answer of people dead due to actual murders just isn’t impressive enough for them.  Take into account that even that number includes a lot of gang violence, where criminals are killing one another.  I can’t wait until one day where the data is so beautifully collected that I can filter out the number of criminals who were murdered and so on.

Why is General Stanley McChrystal in on this?  Some sort of elitist attitude at work here?

1:12 – “Gabby and I are both gun owners” – Holy shit that was so patronizing… and like he’s talking to a 3 year old.  Oh they “support second amendment rights BUT”… then cue the talk about criminals getting firearms.

1:26 – Oh we “knowingly tolerate” criminals buying guns legally?  Since when?

1:45 – At this point in the video, I realized that Gabby is VERY good at nodding.

I really feel terrible that Gabby Giffords was shot.  It should have never happened.  I also feel really terrible that’s she’s being paraded around like this.

Oh man the end of the video is difficult to watch 😬.



haha Everytown back at it:

People are so dumb.  Like congress is going to listen to the voicemails… and if they do they will probably crack a few cold ones and listen to idiots trip over their own words and be mad about guns.

I’m actually surprised celebs jump on this bandwagon.  I guess there is enough of them in Hollywood that believe the same thing, so it doesn’t do any damage to their career.

1:22 – Ah, so silencers would make mass shootings even more deadly.  Good to know *eye roll*.  Has Everytown figured out how to make murder MORE illegal yet?  So illegal that even criminals won’t want to do it?  Yea didn’t think so.

1:28 – Oh of course there’s opposition to concealed carry reciprocity too.  Naturally, the law abiding citizen who conceal carries a firearm for his/her own self protection is a great danger to others *extreme eye roll*.

So to recap… criminals are so scared of laws, that currently they refuse to use silencers and they really hesitate to break any carry laws.  Weakening any of these POWERFUL laws will put the entire American public at risk.  *cringe* This is all so retarded I feel like going back to bed.



Oh wow, there is a lot going on here.  Beat is 🔥 though:

LOL some of you guys are going to have an actual brain aneurism after watching it.  I had to Lohan cringe face the

1:07 – Oh damn… we’ll that’s highly problematic.  Do they not know Jeff Cooper and the man’s rules of firearm safety? haha

2:05 – Sweet mother of god he’s wearing tan colored cowboy boots too.

2:36 – No punshier or spartan stickers on the Threep Wrangler.  Would. Not. Drive.

As shocking as this video is, it really has bin dun befo.  Dennis Rodman (the look anyways)… Young Thug (everything).  Kind of old news, but still gets views and hurts feelings though so why not.

Thoughts?  Pretty hilarious how YouTube demonitized gun channels, but will gladly push ads on this guy’s stuff 😂.


The marketing machine fired up and made this “your reality training isn’t realistic” type video:

Neva bin done befo as usual.  This comment by CircaSriYak cracked me up:

I’m fucking sick of this retarded fad of trying to “Out-reality” everybody else. You think you’re that edgy kid preaching truth to power, when really its been done to fucking death.

I’m just sick of hearing “Yeah kid, that’s some awesome skill and solid tactics BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHY YOU DON’T STAND IN A CHANCE IN A “REAL” FIGHT.”

Fuck OFF

Call the burn unit.  Get that Funker man some cold water and prescription ointment.

There are actually quite a few more burns in the comments.  Another favorite of mine is by T Saxondale – “My BS is not as BS as your BS”. ahhaha.

Thoughts?  What’s with the smooth beat in the background with the sexy sax outro?  That Aperture logo is pretty cool.. shield with the camera aperture and “Fight Focused” underneath.