The man robbed 5 banks in a month:

Good story.  1:45 – The “red cell” stuff is crazy! 😲

I didn’t want to go back through the video to get the exact count of $ he robbed, but off the top of my head it was well under $100k.  What a complete waste of time.  97 months in prison + 5 years supervised release.  Oh yea this guy is definitely going to start a podcast or write a book (classic Navy SEAL maneuver) when he gets out.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Larry is back with another book:

👀 Amazing looking info and top notch quality as usual.

$110 over at VickersGuide.


The Hoff does it:

LOL the injection molded one broke after a few bouncy push-ups 😂, weak.

I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a video of someone push-up testing a lower, then getting a picatinny rail to the face or neck when it breaks.  I always brace for that when I watch one of these.

I really like the filming, editing and the color grading of his vids.  Good content of course too.



The experience center is located in Epping, NH and is a range, flagship store, and museum.

I gotta roll up in there and buy out the inventory of MoLoN LaBe 1911s, before it’s too late.


Brandon retells one of the greatest active shooter takedowns yet:

Holy, this Elisjsha Dicken guy is a G.  Fired 10 rounds into that bozo shooter at 40 yards, and lights out.  The man just wanted to get some cookies with his girlfriend, and turns out he saved a ton of lives.  I hope he loses absolutely zero sleep over anything to do with this situation.  A true hero.

4:50 – Mind blowing that people are angry this guy killed the active shooter.  Doesn’t surprise me that Shannon Watts (from Moms Demand Action) was one of the angry ones.

9:00 – Wow, Brandon offered the build Eli an AKG AK as a token of appreciation.  Very cool.



Lil’ documentary from Taurus:

1:32 – His shirt reads “Always keep the WOLF near the surface” 😂

Taurus did a nice job on this vid.  Definitely has VICE vibes.