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Ken Hanson from Buckeye Firearms Foundation keeps it mad real: Typical Piers, blames only the gun and the shooter without looking at anything else.  News Flash: George Zimmerman WAS ACQUITTED. *eye roll* oh Piers… The “Why don’t you raise money for protection to Trayvon’s family?” line of Piers’ was pure gold. 1:53 – “Right, but […]

Yea this is a shocker *eye roll*: Until they incorporate screens in the scopes, actual magazines, realistic recoil, limited ammo etc… it’s never going to be “like the real thing”.  Look how the guy is holding it during the demonstration even… it’s basically just an awkward controller with a trigger. I think if I was […]

Why have a debate when you can just have someone on that agrees with you: I have unconfirmed reports that the two made out for 20 minutes after filming was done. “AR-15 Military Assault Rifle”… here we go again. If you don’t remember Bob Costas, he’s the football announcer who stirred up some controversy on a comment […]

With Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield: Campfield poses the question at 1:20 to Piers about when he’s heading back to England.  Piers didn’t take the bait and get pissed off unfortunately.  Typical Piers… can’t see that the PERSON is the problem not the inanimate object.  So much gun control failure butthurt going around it’s priceless. […]

My two favorite people: I don’t post all that much Piers stuff anymore, because frankly I’m sick of hearing his stupid voice.  He’s continuing to run his mouth and talk over everyone on his show though. Thoughts?

Sold on eBay and touted as “Every gun owner’s favorite big game”: $3.50 for one 18″ x 24″ shooting target like the one pictured above.  I scoffed at the laziness that went into this little scheme though, when I recognized the hoodie getup from the controversial Trayvon Martin shooting target. *slow clap* Screenshot for posterity, […]